ID checks and tax on gains

Hello does anyone know 1) if the Mayor can do ID checks or is it the notaire? I need it for selling a building plot in the UK which has an offer on it at last! Also if anyone knows 2) how gains from building plots are taxed here or how I find out I would appreciate the assistance. Its a redundant barn on a plot ( land separated off a long time ago), the barn was to be converted but PP now allows it to be demolished.
thanks as ever

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I think that a mairie can do it, but for legal things I have always asked my notaire.

Property in England is subject to capital gains tax in England, and you have to declare and pay it within 30 days of the sale.

When I gave away my share of my mum’s house I paid less CGT than my sisters, so there are some reductions for non-residents. And then I didn’t even have to declare it in France…

Thank you!!

We got two opinions on this from two Anglo-french accountants.

The first said that the double taxation treaties in place dictate that the capital gains from property sales should be taxed in the country in which the tax is higher and should be declared. Between France and the UK, this depends on how long you have owned the house. It should be in the UK to begin with then in France.

The second said, “don’t say, don’t tell…”

I declared in the UK, paid a modest tax, tried to declare this in France and was told they weren’t interested!

Hi Tim, the second one should be reported to whichever professional body they belong for giving unlawful advice, the first is incorrect. Property situated in the UK is subject to UK capital gains tax and should be reported as Jane says above if the seller is non-resident in the UK. The link that Jane provided gives a clear explanation of the rules and how to report the gain. It should then be reported in France in the manner prescribed by French tax law and double tax relief claimed for any tax paid in the UK.
That’s the easy bit - the difficult bit is doing the calculations to work out what the gain is in each country, not necessarily the same amount!
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Our mairie has verified lots of our documents including birth and marriage ceritificate, copies of passports and annual forms from pension providers wanting to know if I’m still alive. They also verified all the copies we used for our original EU citizen carte de sejour applications.

It’s a free and very convenient facility, but I don’t know if it only works in small(ish) communes - ours is about 4,500 inhabitants.

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That would be a great outcome l!

Excellent. Ours is even smaller! I will ask, thank you

Thank you