Ideas for a self-made garden gate sign please

The blue gates that I made recently are the entrance to our swimming pool garden. This means that they are used almost daily by our gite guests. The gates need to be opened TOWARDS them as the come up from the gite and unfortunately there is a tendency for some guests to push against the gates. So I would like a sign PULL/TIRER. I read something about enamel signs on Etsy - but they are much too expensive. So I need to make something myself, ideally something better than just plasticised paper.

(There seem to be all these wonderful and mysterious hobbies/crafts in places like Leclerc Culture and I wondered if there is something I might be able to manage.)

Any suggestions please for how I could make a durable / weatherproof sign in pretty handwriting? Thanks


Maybe easier to put a notice in the Gite than on the gate?
Defeatist, I know but practical all the same…
either that or a bleedin big rock behind the gate making it clear that it doesn’t open that way

Burn it on a piece of wood with one of those wood engraving kits?

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or a noose hanging from a nearby tree…
“you breaka ma gate, I breaka your neck!”
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Generally, being a mischievous bastard, I have a problem with notices…
if you put a sign on one side saying “pull” then you might need to put one on the other side saying “push” :wink:
On a visit to a hotel in the UK some years ago on our way to visit our son and family in Hull, there was a notice on the wall in reception saying “please press for attention”. I kept pressing the sign but no-one came. The receptionist thought I was mad when I eventually pointed out the error…

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I would (if possible) put a simple wooden “stop/stay” down the gatepost so it can’t be pushed the wrong way, and a simple metal handle or even a latch on the “pull” side.


I agree with @Mark, that would give a more clear message as to what is expected.

If I remember rightly it’s a double gate.

then the suggestion by @Mark makes even more sense. A small fillet nailed/glued down the back of the second opening would re-enforce the required intention.

I’m sure @SuePJ posted a photo, but I can’t find it. Simple solution is to put a shoot bolt onto one gate (won’t need both for people ) with a piece of tubing buried in the ground for the bolt


I don’t recall the photo but @SuePJ does mention “gates” in her OP clearly indicating more than one…

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Thanks for all the suggestions. And those who remember them as double gates, you are right.

I had trouble too Mark. :grin: I posted it under the good news thread.


Bolt already in place - as suggested. But the optical illusion does not invite a user of the gate to PULL the left hand gate towards them. I’ve had gite guests in the past determined to PUSH against what is a slight slope and in so-doing break the gate. So I continue to believe a pull/tirer sign is needed on the LH gate.

The handle by the way is on the other side of the gate

Pyrography, as its an entry to a pool area for a gite it should have a complying entry gate lock.


I’d agree, looking at the photo of the gate, I too would be inclined to push rather than pull… it’s cack-handed…

Thanks Graham. :roll_eyes:

but fixable… just turn the gates round
If you think about it, most (if not all) ledger style doors push rather than pull to open… it’s the natural way of the world!

Thanks Colin, that’s more like it. Now if I can just find someone doing it in fancy, cottagey writing rather than the public lavatory print I will be very happy.

I think the personalised option will be the best option or

personally, I think even with a notice saying “pull”, people will still naturally want to push… everything about the gates is wrong…

sorry, but I prefer to tell things as they are and not faff around with unworkable solutions. I also think the comment by @Corona is extremely valid; there are strict regulations in France about access to pools. They may be untidy and out of character from the “cottagey” feel but they are legally required nonetheless.

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