In The Local today - it WILL become compulsory to hold a Carte de Séjour after Brexit

(Paul Turpin) #42

“If your préfecture seems not to know that you have the right to request a Carte de Séjour as an EU citizen, print out and take (or send) this document that we’ve created - it includes extracts from legislation and official guidance which makes it clear that préfectures must issue cards to EU citizens who meet the conditions.”
Info here:

(Peter Goble) #43

Paul, if there’s no deal, you’ll be in exactly the same position as me. Your CdS applies to you as a citizen of the EU, and you won’t be one. If you read attentively the cutting you’ve just published you’ll see what I mean! :open_book::thinking::joy:

(Paul Turpin) #44

With no deal then yes, everything is in the air!
Better to have some status than none though.
And there might well be some kind of a deal.

(Peter Goble) #45

Paul, if you are a French tax-payer, are subscribed to the French healthcare system, live permanently in France and speak the language so as to understand others, and make yoursef simply understood, are settled in and are acknowledged by your community through your contribution to its general welfare and prosperity, what you have in your wallet is unlikely to make a significant difference to your residency. In my opinion.

There are many things which enhance one’s validity as a resident and one’s prospects for security in one’s chosen country, and most of the important ones don’t depend on CdS. But we shall see, on verra.

And if there is a deal, our residency is guaranteed during the transition period, and I’m not going to broil and stew anxiously during that period any more than I do now. Which is very very little. Sang froid ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jane Williamson) #46

We were not persistent Peter, we just asked.
Suggesting that we may be disadvantaged, or that anyone else may be disadvantaged, is idle speculation.
We are legally entitled to hold CdS as EU citizens.
With the upset in French politics, having a legal document allowing you to remain is a justified precaution.
Being denied your legal right justifies persistence.

(Jane Jones) #47

@Paul_Turpin. Not sure a document in English would be at all helpful in influencing reluctant officials? Surely it’s more likely to get their backs up to hand them something that’s not in French.

(Jane Williamson) #48

Don’t forget that very soon it will be illegal to demand translations of official documents from other EU countries.
France has already subscribed to this and it is yet another example of Departements ignoring national agreements.
Just who is running this country, fonctionnaires choosing what laws they want to apply or the government?
Saying what happens in reality in Prefectures is not helping.
What about egalite?

(Paul Turpin) #49

This is the document refered to Jane:élivrance_dune_carte_de_séjour.pdf

(Peter Goble) #50

Jane, your comment is entirely valid and I directed my comment about persistence to Paul who used the word to describe his own approach to his Préfecture in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is not St Lo and I shall tailor my approach to mine, where, with respect, I think I am better placed to read and interpret the mood than either you or Paul.

I have made an application for Titre de Sejour (that being the prescribed process here) and await a decision in due course. I do not think persistence is proper, under the current circumstances of the Brexit process.

My view on the disadvantage of persistence may be speculative but it is not idle. It is based solidly on the consideration of my own experience in similar situations over a long period, and is borne out by the experience of others, Including SFN contributors.

I understand your own concerns and you have my sincere sympathies. If you feel you must persist the same sentiment applies.

(Paul Turpin) #51

Have you yet received a reply to your application Peter?

(Peter Goble) #52

No, Paul. In the current state of affairs I have no concerns about my application, and you needn’t fret on my behalf either, I’m quite grown up and have managed well enough so far across my 80 years of life. Cheers anyway! :grinning:

PS Perhaps the Préfet is hoping I pop my clogs and save him the price of a stamp! :champagne::crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Paul Turpin) #53

Ok mate! :relaxed:

(Jane Williamson) #54

Just to let you know Peter, you have to provide the stamps.

(Peter Goble) #55


(Peter Goble) #56

Now that’s the kind of valuable, reliable and forward looking information we need on this Forum, Jane, and who meets those criteria better than thou!

(I wonder if that’s the first use of the old English second person singular to appear on these threads? Anyway I used it wholeheartedly and affectionately Jane, especially and just for thee! :rofl:)

(Jane Williamson) #57

Thank you.
Too much poor grammar and, even worse, just lazy speech nowadays.

(Peter Goble) #58

You are welcome, and we are assuredly of one mind about elegant language and sound grammar, although both are liable to change over time.

Like the tides of the rolling sea, the ebb and flow of language yields to no-one, and ultimately to no man-made resistance, it seems.

(Jane Jones) #59

Thanks - that’s potentially more useful! I never got far enough into the first link to find it. Maybe one dayI’ll get round to asking at the local prefecture.

(Mandy Davies) #60

Here is the UK government advice on applying for a CdS. As stated elsewhere on this forum the official advice is NOT to apply for a CdS now, the advice is as follows:

" You will have until at least June 2021 to submit any necessary registration documentation. In the meantime, we would encourage eligible UK nationals to prepare your papers (bank statements, statements of household bills etc) to demonstrate your continued residency in France and to apply for a carte de séjour."

(Ann Coe) #61

I fear that this advice will fall on some deaf ears Mandy.

Those who have applied for a CdS and have recieved one, and those who are ‘badgering’ for one now may have to re apply for a ‘different type’ after Brexit comes fully into force.

I, like a good few of us on here, am doing nothing! :hugs: