Is a UK State Pension ie OAP declared as '"Privé" or "Public"?

Is a UK State Pension ( ie OAP ) declared as '“Privé” or “Public” ?

Surely this has been answered… if you think not…and we only offer “advice”- not set in stone… … your Tax Office is only 15 minutes away…:relaxed:

No… no that was 2018… frankly… this year… my Tax lady told me 1AM/1BM for us two… and, as she whispered “old age pension???” at me it should be correct…

No Stella - the question relates to the 2047.

Fair enough… what a year this is turning into… :upside_down_face:


Hi Stella morning … I’m on my way there in a few minutes. Not expecting to be able to see anyone as apparently the queues are mega long.

The possible confusing issue with the State Pension could be that there’s 2 little boxes … one ofr public and one for privé. I’m assuming it’s the ‘public’ one so just checking what anyone else has done. As Simon says it’s on 2047 I think.

Frankly… as Andy’s Tax Office is so near… I really would like him to hot-foot it down there and give us all the word “from the horse’s mouth”… :upside_down_face::thinking:

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State Pension has never been considered “private”… not in UK and not here in France… not in all my years, anyway…

best of luck…

Edit… Private Pensions in UK are something quite different from OAP… you pay in and can (sometimes) take cash out or start benefits early…

sorry everyone if I have confused you… :upside_down_face:

I’ll try … !! Don’t hold your breath guys !!! :slight_smile:

What time do they open… ?? if you are too late for this morning… maybe you can stay “early” for the afternoon… ???

Stella I’m done with the tax advice stuff even though I have family in low places :wink: I can’t cope with the myriad of contradictions and ‘advisors’! Folks should follow your advice! :wink:


Simon … I appreciate your words and recognise that the Tax Office is of course the best place. I’ll report back later today hopefully if I have any new news. Best wishes, Andy


tick both and let them sort it out :grin:


I go back to what I suggested before.
Use the tax simulation utility and get an idea of what you are going to pay (or not, as the case may be).
I am guided by my old flying instructor/examiner (bless him) who seemed more content to be mischievous when faced with complicated rules and regs. If they don’t like it, they will soon tell you.


It’s considered private according to my local tax office !
I fiulled in the total amount ie private + oap for mum & my ex and noted at the side how much was of each, as I was advised for the last x years. However it has changed this year, quite frankly the amount declared reamins the same so I left the lot with them to sort!
As Simon says ( no pun :wink:) there is so much conflicting advice that the best bet is to go in person if you have any doubts. Good luck !

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State Pension is classed as private, Public Pension is government pension such as Teachers Pension, Fire Service, Police, local government etc

Fair enough… I know nothing about 2047… my little lady told me to put our OAP on 2042… but, I am obviously an odd-case.

the first time was so long ago… but I do remember some questions to us about our Pensions… I think they were trying to figure out if they were “Pensions” we had bought or ones we had worked for…(I mention this at the risk of confusing each and everyone any more than we already are…)

and my advice… day after day… is to speak in person with those Officials… then anything that is wrong is their fault… :zipper_mouth_face::wink::hugs:

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How do you actually prove that the advice given was wrong?

Many folk are having their stuff done at the Tax Office… seems solid.

On the other hand… there is obviously a mix of ideas over the various Tax Offices… so I don’t expect any major problems if one has asked there… and been given advice which proves to be wrong in the major scheme of things…

if that happens to me… I will firmly explain that *********** told me ***** on **** date… it is unlikely that I would be the only person in that particular boat, given the thousands making Declarations…

thus I would expect to have/get the error corrected with NO penalty points… nor red/yellow card… :hugs:

It’s for all non-French income Stella. Not ‘advice’ - just a fact :wink:


I am from Barcelona… :laughing:

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