King Charles III

He should have said Councillor of State - not Minister - well spotted :+1:
He did correctly write Councillor of State in his narrative though…

Hm hm hm Counsellor of State😉

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Don’t you just hate that @graham when a furriner corrects your English, :rofl: well, not entirely a foreigner of course. :wink: :joy:

Reminds me of when our visiting French master at school was c orrected on some obscure point of French grammar by our very English, French master. After a little of good natured argy-bargy M. Le Guevelle eventually conceded the point. :grinning:

I know btw that his name is also the name of a transport company in Brittany. Often wondered if there was a connection, is it a common surname @vero ?

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I was being rushed to take my tabs and eat my tea :roll_eyes:
I blame it on vanessa…

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Nevererdovvit sorry, not that means anything obviously :slightly_smiling_face: but there probably aren’t Le Guevelles on every street corner.

Just wondering, he will be long dead now of course, not many still alive older than me. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Yes, the Jaguar cars, particularly in the racing / touring era, and numerous clocks which are used in both UK museums to demonstrate the gift of time and those used in clocks across the world.

This is not a criticism, but does it not irritate others when a reply is made without a quote at a distance. I have no idea what the above refers to, without an extensive search.

Although this post does not quote text it was generated in reply to a specific post of mine, therefore if you click the image above the text it will expand to show you the post.

I’m so sorry, I thought I was replying to a specific post which was asked of me. My bad

and to add… the up arrow below Reply will take you to the post itself so you see the context in which the reply was made.

you did - it was correctly done.

so thank you it was correctly done

I am so sorry if this irritated you. However, I just replied to a post and thought that was what I was meant to do. Tech not my forte but I do my best. Sorry

Thanks I didn’t know that, but does it place your text in the place where it was made? If so, I must be going loopy because I scrolled back through about 100 posts, twice, but couldn’t find it. :roll_eyes:

As I said, no criticism @anon27944729 , but if a post I am replying to is more than a few above, I usually quote so no-one is left wondering.

But OTOH I know where @David_Spardo is coming from.
When two immediately following posts are made and the second poster clicks on Reply, it is not always apparent (to others) that was the case.
It is a system setting which James left in place after asking members if they wanted to change that behaviour - they didn’t on that occasion :wink:

Who was it said we were all Lefties here? Seems like a fair few conservatives too. :rofl:

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Goodness gracious, what a reply, I do hope it wasn’t directed at me, I thought we were all being friendly and learning something here. Instead I find an enormous chip on a shoulder. Sad.

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No chip on my shoulder David, thanks for your reply. Don’t be offended by a direct reply such as the others do. I find it sad that you think it is sad and I do too.

We are all learning things, so what is it you would like us to learn on this King Charles III thread please? I’d love to go back to the original topic, it would be really good. Gone a bit off thread here in the last few posts.

What I have learned is how to see a post that is being replied to despite it being more than 100 up in the thread. And Graham, after also explaining to me, merely said he understood why I was confused.

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