King Charles III

Coats and 'Ats!

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crap and awful !


Another day glued to the box for me!

Now where did I put that tiara?



A neologism too far? What’s wrong with ‘crowned’?


it’s from the US - not my words I hasten to add…

Morons, so ugly.


I came across ´burglarized ‘ in a Toeic paper a few months back. FFS.

Yes FFS indeed, that particular horror has been around for a long time, one of my English teachers at school showed it to us to illustrate what Shaw said about being two great peoples divided by a common tongue. Still gives my eyes blisters!


In the 1980’s was Coats 'nd 'ats, or Cheap and Awful…depended on the state of one’s wallet at the time.

Time for a new dish to replace Coronation Chicken? Never had it but saw a picture of it once and it looked like what my cats used to yak up every so often, bits and all!


Eton mess?


When people asked where my wife’s latest clothing came from, Marks and Spencer???
She would reply no, Christian & Angelo!
Wow, must have been expensive.

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No thats already in play at No 10.

From what I am hearing, Mulligatawny or Kedgeree

Time for KC111 to put a marker on his new position and go down in history by acting as Head of State and sack his PM (and for him move into No 10.)
Won’t happen of course but wouldn’t it be fun!
(I’m now removing tongue from cheek)

I guess by that John, you are a Cavalier rather than a Roundhead :wink:

“Known only unto God”

Interesting bit of news, @Bonzocat

I can’t quite make up my mind if this is a wise idea of His Maj.

Becoming ‘one of the people’ may be a slippery slope. The People are rather, judgemental. Putting it kindly. If the UK is is for a lengthy period of austerity, this may not read well.

Poor chap. I expect he signed something and cannot stop it airing now.