Livebox cle de securite problems

Been having trouble getting my Manhattan Feesat to get in motion for some weeks now. It takes about 3 goes in the morning before it will show anything but ‘no signal’ on the screen.

On advice from a friend I factory reset it and it made no difference. So I factory reset the tv as well and that was fine as far as tv and radio is concerned but it simply refuses to re-connect to the Livebox even though it finds it, so I can’t get Netflix or YT on it.

The problem is with entering the long 26 digit code. It is in groups of 4 with both numbers and capital letters. I can get as far as the 6th group which starts FF. It simply won’t accept the 2nd F. It is not the maximum number of digits because it will accept a G afterwards for instance and I wondered if I should not include the spaces, especially as there are 5 spaces up to that point and 5 more digits to go, including the missing F.

But no. that doesn’t work either, it still stops at the first F. And it isn’t that it won’t accept double letters, which I thought might be as a way of countering trembly fingers, because earlier in the sequence there is a double E.

Anybody have a clue what is going on?

Do not type in the spaces, and double check that you are entering letters correctly as upper case or lower case. Also check that you are not mistaking letter ‘O’ for numeral ‘zero’.

Good luck!

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The 26 digit security key is a 128 bit WEP key in hex, it should have only the digits 0-9 and A-F - I assume it’s the one printed on the Livebox?

I’m wondering if the Manhatten wants an ascii pass phrase - the clue being it allows you to enter a “G” which isn’t a valid hex digit.

Wht it should stop at the first F of the 6th group of four digits whether you include spaces or not I’m not sure - which exact model of Manhatten freesat box are we talking about?

But WEP is no longer considered secure and I would expect you to be using WPA2 where the hex keys are a bit cumbersome at 64 digits (passphrases can be 8 to 63 characters).

@_Brian I have tried it with the spaces typed in and without, I set the whole thing to upper case at the start, and there are no 'o’s or’0’s in the key at all. I would prefer it to leave all the digits in place, rather than show them only until the next one is typed so that I could carefully check with the whole when I have finished. But it doesn’t do that for security reasons and so makes it more difficult to be certain. I always make mistalkes while I am typing, have made at least 4 or 5 already in this short passage so far, so I would rather see the whole thing before confirming.

Eddie my techi mate can’t come to check the dish till Thursday (in case that is the cause of the signal problem) and, as he helped me with this in the first place, he seems to think that we just had to go through it several times then, but that doesn’t explain running out of places to type to.

@billybutcher I don’t know if it makes any difference but the Manhattan has nothing to do with it, that takes its signal from the satellite, not the internet, it is the tv which I am struggling with and only in order to get it to connect to the Livebox in order to get Netflix and You Tube signals

Does the Clé printed on the label match what’s shown when you press the “i” button on the front of the box?

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Oh, OK. The same comment applies though - I’d expect your Livebox to be set up to use WPA/WPA2 security not WEP and my money is on you trying to enter a WEP key into a box which is expecting a WPA pass phrase. Unelss you *are* using WEP, of course :slight_smile:

What model of TV and I can look at the manual to check.

Hi,can you tell me please,is it a Livebox 6 that you have,if so,where are you getting the cle de securitie digits from,thanks.

I don’t think David has a Livebox 6 :slight_smile:

If it’s not printed on the base (and I think that it isn’t on the Livebox6) then it’s presumably in the documentation, on the box or failing all of that log into the admin pages and you can see/set it on the Wi-Fi tab.

Come on now @billybutcher you know me better than that, I have no idea what all those dubyas are. :rofl:

Just had a look at the LB and it is a Livebox 2 and the key is printed there and presumaby the make, Sagemcom.

But none of this is new equipment, both the LB and the tv have been married up for ages though Eddie does seem to remember that we had similar problems when I first bought the tv, last year I think.

The TV is a Smart Hyundai 2141C (as far as I can see by twisting it carefully to read) and probably a rubbish model as I bought a separate keyboard + mouse in order to input the key more easily then. After several tries we discovered that the USB port on the tv wasn’t for that purpose and therefore would not accept the keyboard and mouse. Thus we had to, and I am struggling now to, inout all the digits by means of the remote. Very laborious and very prone to mistake making, which is why, presumably, we had to make multiple attempts the first time, and again now. But I have been extrenmely careful this time exactly because of that, to no avail.

I should reiterate that the reason for trying to make this connection is because i did a factory reset to overcome another, quite separate, problem. An issue between the Manhattan and the satellite dish, not the present problem which an internet one between the tv and the router.

Shall we say that you are trying the IT equivalent of trying to get a screw cap bulb in a bayonette socket?

OK, I’ll see if I can find a user guide on-line, but that will have to wait until tonight I’m afraid.

Have you ever had it working? If so did you get it set up or was it your techy friend?

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Yes, it was working until 2 days ago when I did a factory reset. It was Eddie, my techie friend who did it originally and he remembers having a similar struggle, but got there in the end.

Thanks for the dubya explanation. The answer is no, it asks for the key and I give it the key. The problem is that it won’t let me put the full key in, it stops 5 digits short and will let me go no further.

The quite separate problem I have, with the Manhattan, not the tv, maybe a fault with the rather old Manhattan or maybe the alignment of the dish. Eddie will check the dish on Thursday I hope and, if that is ok, and after several attempts each day it does get perfect signals, then I have identified a company in France who sells new model Manhattans and may then buy one. I do have a spare Humax which also struggles with a signal too, so another reason not to kick the Manhattan out in haste.

Are you able to log in to the admin pages of your livebox - should be (if not try

Yes, just got the first link on screen.

OK, can you screenshot what you get after logging in - should have a “Wi-Fi” tab (probably 2nd as in the screen shot I posted earlier).

I think we’ve been here before.

Not sure if this is the same TV, but a mention is made of a fix to the problem, and ‘Eddie’ is mentioned.

Just seen this comment by @David_Spardo , and what he described in the post above is the same issue.

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Indeed, hopefully we can David get past the hurdle again :slight_smile:

How big is the dish and how old are is the coax cable and LNB?

@hairbear How brilliant of you to find that, yes, the very thing, exactly so maybe if Eddie finds his way up here tomorrow he can work it out again because it is the same bloody tv. One other good thing though, you have come up with the name of the tv that Eddie said I should have kept, LG, so if I have to ditch this thing I know what to go for next. :joy:

@NotALot The dish is 80 cms and we are in the N. Dordogne. I only changed it from the old 60cm which worked well, because I found this one in the dechetterie a few years ago. The coax and LNB are several years old but the same age as the one on another dish which feeds the French satellite signals.

Feed your Latitude and Longitude from Google Earth into the calculator below to get the alignment info for Freesat (Astra 2F/G at 28.2° East) at your location.

LNB skew angle is a tricky little blighter to get right as some LNBs have a little skew built in. Best bet is to have the sat box tuned to an HD channel with signal strength/quality displayed and have a helper yell “Better/worse/lock it there!” as you tweak the angle by very small amounts.

As you are able to get into your Livebox admin it might be a good idea to change the wifi clé to one that is both memorable & easier to enter on your devices, & also to avoid frequent shifting to upper or lower case.