Lot-et-Garonne CPAM cancelling category S1 Cartes Vitales 31/12/20. Other depts likely to follow

Will what Boris is saying today (no deal) change that …? :open_mouth:
(I’m asking the obvious question for those who may be affected, not me)

@TheLocalFrance Hi Emma, thanks very much for this. Good to know, although as @Andrew_Hearne says, heaven only knows whether this is all up in the air again as a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely. :roll_eyes:

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Nope… our rights are guaranteed… (so they say…) we are in the transitional phase of the With Agreement exit …

it’s “only” trade they are bickering about…


I do hope so! :wink:


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A German outlook on how things are panning out courtesy of Doris…

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and three days on, it looks as if Doris will be pushing for a no deal, but of course, he’ll be selling it to the country by saying there’s no alternative and it’s all the EU’s fault…!

No Deal has been repackaged & the Tories now refer to it as “Leaving on Australian Terms” presumably as No Deal has the smack of failure about it.

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Unfortunately it looks like Lot-et-Garonne is still being difficult. Latest (admittedly only hearsay) …
A friend of a friend went to CPAM Thursday as his partner had the usual cut off date of healthcare, and his own card had been rescinded! They took their S1’s and were told there was nothing they could do until the trade deal had been signed!

Perhaps the less thought we give to that “hearsay” the better. … or we risk going insane… and for no good reason. If Lot et G have still got their knickers in a twist… they’ll be sorted out…

the sun is shining today… somewhere… that’s definite… let’s be thankful for that… :relaxed: :relaxed:


Can you ring the English CPAM helpline and ask to speak to Melanie?
She fully understands the situation and needs to know that there are Departements who do not.
I hope that she will be able to help and take this problem further, as she told me that she would try to do.
When I rang she took our Carte Vitale numbers and later in the day we had new Attestations drop into our inbox. Perhaps if we all ring the English speaking helpline and ask them to do the same, they will get the message.
This is typical French bureaucracy, some fonctionnaire who does not like us incomers and does not understand the situation and, moreover, does not want to and is only too pleased to use their authority, be it is misplaced or not.
Also Emma Pearson the editor of French Local would be interested to know. You can find her number at contact on the Local webpage.

@Jane_Williamson I’ve already emailed Emma. As this doesn’t directly affect me, but is a friend of a friend, I’ll pass your message on Jane. Thanks. I am now waiting for our own S1s to arrive and will then go to Agen. From now onwards I prefer to have personal experience of what is happening and will report accordingly (if necessary).

That sounds like a good idea.
We would have been in the same position if we had not rung the English speaking helpline.
Of course, now our Attestations have been updated we cannot tell what is happening on the ground.

A friend has just reminded me - just before Brexit the President of Nouvelle-Aquitaine wrote a letter saying to Brits in this region: “Nouvelle-Aquitaine will always be your home”.
I think letters to his office saying that Lot-et-Garonne CPAM takes a different view might be a good idea.

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It’s shining in La Manche :smile: :smile: :smile:


Spot on.

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Has anyone tried downloading a new Attestation from the Ameli website since the site was down for maintenance last Saturday? I was wondering if the work done had made any difference to the issue of the Attestation end date being 31st Dec 20.

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@Vanessa_Lees Just tried. Mine is still 31/12/20. So no joy there then. :cry:

That’s a shame, so that wasn’t the reason for the maintenance then… :cry:

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