Lot-et-Garonne CPAM cancelling category S1 Cartes Vitales 31/12/20. Other depts likely to follow

Hello, I had thought yesterday that it’s time to get tough! I started by phoning Ameli, who had a nice message telling you to look at the website to solve all your problems. They then cut you off. Tried this several times over the day but always the same message. they are obviously getting fed up with the idiot foreigners!

So time to start on Newcastle. First woman claimed I didn’t need to speak to the ‘overseas’ department and gave me another number. Said ‘thank you’ and hung up, then rang the same number again knowing I would get a different person.

Do got through and said to the operator ‘I need to get new S1’s please’. ‘Certainly’ she said, just give me your details and I’ll get them in the post’.

Picked myself up off the floor! So now I’m awaiting - 2 weeks I’m told. So fingers crossed, we’ll see!!

So to everyone struggling - don’t give up!

I passed on an e-mail to an English friend in the next village which had come from a French civil servant who had been spoken to by the CPAM English helpline and told to send us new Attestations de Droit ready to download.
He had written to Ameli and this same lady wrote back saying that she needed to look into it, even though this was after she had already dealt with our problem and been told by the CPAM English helpline that it was the right thing to do.
It is getting bloody ridiculous!

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19Nov 23:30 hrs Dordogne still only dating attestations to 31/12/20.

@lebeuil1 What excuse are they giving you Roger?

This was just done on ameli dot fr. No phone call.

Not all of them. We’re in the Dordogne - with S1 - and our attestations are dated to one year from today. I just checked.

I can only come to three conclusions as these people have already been told by the English speaking helpline from the CPAM to unblock these Attestations:

  1. They are incapable of understanding simple orders.
  2. Individuals are being deliberately obstructive.
  3. They are being ordered to be deliberately obstructive.

Roger, may I suggest that you contact the Ameli English speaking helpline if you haven’t already done so - and even if you have already done so, contact them again.
This is a case of the squeakiest wheel gets the oil.
Make a fuss, persist, emphasise how anxious you are (even if you are not).
Also, have you sent a message on the ameli site? I found they were good at responding quickly - after a day or so, even though I was getting some very different messages that was how after 3-4 tries we got to the bottom of the problem of my husband being a dependent and no longer eligible to be so. This was my first message to ameli (please ignore my bad French):

La date de fin de mon attestation de fait est-elle erronée?
La date de fin indiquée sur mon attestation de doits est le 31/12/20. Est-ce une erreur? Je pensais que la date de fin d’une attestation était toujours un an à l’avance.
Merci de votre aide.

Maybe you are ok with just waiting until 31/12/20 and seeing whether on 1/1/21 something clicks over on your attestation - maybe it will. But if you want to take back control, it does need action on your part individually.
Ameli English helpline: 09 74 75 36 46
Some people have had problems getting through. That has never been my experience. I suggest you just persist.

Thanks for that encouraging news. I will get onto them on Monday.

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No update here! I shall be getting in touch with Ameli again!


There’s this message sitting in my in-box on Ameli

Vous nous interrogez sur la période de droits indiquée sur votre attestation.
En réponse à votre demande, je vous confirme que vos droits sont bien
ouverts auprès de l’Assurance Maladie et vous informe que la période
inscrite sur votre attestation de droits correspond uniquement à la
période de validité du document.
Si besoin, à l’issue de cette période de douze mois, vous imprimerez
simplement une nouvelle attestation de droits à jour dans votre compte
ameli (site web, application smartphone).

Avec toute notre attention,

So there should be no problem…

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@smw What do you see now Stella when you go onto the ameli site and download a pdf copy of your attestation? Does it show the full 12 months from today’s date?

It still shows the end of December… so I’m presuming it will click over… come the day.

Our local lady has assured me that all is well… and I trust her more than any computer… :wink:

Has anybody actually had an apology?
This has caused so much anxiety and unnecessary work for us all and it could so easily have been avoided.

@smw I’m glad you think it’s ok. If I were you, I’d be happier to see a return to normal. Have they explained to you why it is still showing end December since there are those of us who have had our attestations returned to the proper annual rolling date?

Good lord no! Why would you expect one?

As the reply states… my rights are fully established… and now with my CdS with permanent residency safely “in my grasp” … I do feel relaxed about the whole thing.

The reply on Ameli was from “someone” and obviously not my friendly local lady… but they are both saying the same thing… one on-screen and the other verbally.

I don’t really expect one, I never got one when I took the French Health Authorities to the Commission and won.
Maybe I am old fashioned, but if you have caused worry and inconvenience to so many people, it would be a conciliatory gesture which costs nothing.

This is my reply from ameli fr;


Nous ne pouvons modifié le paramétrage de l’attestation de droits.
Toutefois, vous pouvez éditer une attestation de droits via votre compte
personnel sur ameli.fr

Avec toute notre attention, …

So they have no idea what I am asking. I had said:

J’ai une carte vitale depuis 2007 mais je vois maintenant que mon attestation sur ameli.fr ne court que jusqu’au 31/12/2020.

Veuillez changer cela pour que je puisse télécharger une attestation complète de 12 mois.

Think the issue is that you are just asking them to change the date…better to ask why this is the date, then once you know you can tell them 31/12 incorrect. There will be reason, even if wrong, why by human input or system parameter this date is being generated.