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Here I've used a piece of Plexiglass; this will act as a window on the back wall.

Using clamps to hold the left hand wall in place, I can get started on the door end.

Using these lightweight natural materials will make it easier to transport.

I'm going to need somewhere to put my plancha grill so I've made a simple pallet table. Again, it is free standing so that it can be transported separately.

Just the roof section to do and it's ready to be moved.

Rather than pace it directly on to the ground, I am going to put it on blocks; this will ensure that it's level and also prevent it from drawing up water from the soil and thus, eventually rotting.

All perfectly level with two blocks in the center to support the joists.

Before the base goes down, I've cut a piece of geo-textile to stop grass and weeds growing up through the gaps in the boards. You could use old carpet or cardboard too.

Now is the time to call for some help to lift the sections into place. Only one of the walls and the floor are particularly heavy. I called my mate but he was busy so, as I didn't want to wait (for it to start raining again!) I screwed some heavy duty castors to each wall in turn and wheeled them over from the workshop.

Everything is in place and now it's just a case of inserting five large hexagon headed screws in to each of the corners.

Ready for the roof to go on.

The roof is made in a similar manner to the floor and I've stretched some thick rubber over the frame. It's quite lightweight too.

It looked a bit weird with the overhang like that so I placed a post at each corner to support the roof and improve the way it looks (and also stop it blowing away!) The posts are fixed to the ground and screwed to the roof frame which is also screwed to the front and back walls with 100mm screws. The front section is hinged and held in place with a catch when open.

That's it, all you need to do now is equip your beach bar and it's ready for opening time! Cheers!

If you have any questions on how any of this was done, please ask me in the comments!

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Brilliant. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

Very good!!!and by the pool is so natural Thanx J.

Thanks Tibo

it's a beauty! :)

congrats mate!

This might help, not a bedhead but it could be without the legs!

I'm trying to build a bedhead in palettes myself...wife's idea...I don't know how to do it :(

This is absolutely brilliant..Impressive. Congratulations.

Hi Rod, glad you like it, come over for a beer one day this summer :)

The rubber is .5mm pond liner, it's water proof obviously and fine if you stretch it tight enough, actually install it when the sun is out. But, I will be covering it with corrugated sheets of something as if the wind gets up, which it does around here, it may be ripped off. Pond liner is about 2.50 a sq meter and comes in different thicknesses, I don't know if it is UV resistant though. If I were you I would use some of this or similar.

James another inspiring project , mind you I still haven’t got round to making the table yet !!
Have built a large log store , which I have yet to roof . Can you give me any more details about your thick rubber roofing please

Come on James, BEACH BAR! you can't (american accent) be serious, this is a washed up idea, flotsam and jetsam, and makes me GRIT my teeth ... Think FEET, think TOES, think....WHERE IS THE............... SAND?

So cool, i'm on my way over!

Thank you *blushes* :)

Genius James!

Already working on one Don :)

Next project - pallet bar stools?

Great stuff! I keep hearing about this site but have yet to visit, so this as good a reason as any. Thanks again.

Try, that is where I found my supplier.

Thanks James, now to hunt up some palettes, although I have seen a place near Brive that seems to sell old ones, so I will check them out.

Yes it would work well, make sections like I did for the base and lay them on blocks using a geotextile membrane.