New declaration required for property owners

I am not sure they let you change many things yourself. I think mostly you have to send them a message and tell them what you think should be changed and why, and if they agree they will change it.

I think you will find the French definition of ‘habitable’ and yours are somewhat different… :slight_smile:


I’ll have yet another look. :thinking: :grinning:

I was wondering… and apologize if this is a stupid question. But I heard you must have a french tax account to log onto the internet to sort out the above state of the property. Now I have never paid working tax in France, but have paid yearly Tax Foncier and continue to pay this now, even after several years being back in the uk.

Question is: Therefore is it possible I can access the relevant site to state my property be it secondaire of primary, etc, given that I do pay the tax, albeit , not from working in france…?.. otherwise I am not sure how to go about doing what is required.

Aplogies if this sounds totally non-sensical, been busy today and feel exhausted… lol Ye gotta laugh…!

I will be so pleased to get back in there, don’t think It will bother me too much, although the little rodents might have made a home in there… its gonna take some cleaning out, thats for sure.
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Thank you everyone for the replies. (smiley face) not sure how to do an emoji thing… can ye tell… lol
It sounds that once I see the form that it might be possible to just tick the box that nothing has changed. which sounds great to me…

in the composition pane click on the emoji icon image

It is most frustrating. I can’t find anywhere on the page where I can send them a message but had decided anyway to confirm the declaration as they had it and then search. I did that, confirmed that is, and then was faced with a page yet again saying sorry this page is not available. I wonder how many times I have to try this before June. :roll_eyes:

it’s available when you log in to the site and before you select Biens imobiliers.

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Well can’t remember how I got to it, I have been round the houses so many times with this nuisance, but I did manage to get to a space to leave a message. But nowhere where I could leave a message. A bot was blinking away offering to help but that was all it did, blink away.

I’ll have to leave it at that and let them do their worst. I have made the declaration and that’s that.

Edit: Just had another look at the page you highlighted. Yes, that is what I did, just done it again. Nothing.

It may not be obvious but what you do after selecting Messagarie is to select “Écrire” from which there is a drop down list from which you make your selection as to the reason for your communication…

Nothing fits exactly in the drop down list. I think I will leave well alone. :wink: :grinning:

tell me… what’s wrong with the last selection in the drop down “je pose une autre question…”


Sorry didn’t see that, got several balls in the air with more tabs at the top of the screen than you can shake a stick at. Left a message now correcting the date. :grinning:


so pleased you got it sorted in the end.

Just hope I haven’t opened a can of worms. :roll_eyes:

Curious - Would that perhaps signal France tax residency? Or can one have a principal france residency without being tax resident?

Ah, the ‘forgetting to scroll down to the bottom’ syndrome - that’s what madame does, drives me mad!

She - ‘There’s no button’ -
Me yes there is - at the bottom
She - you’re such a clever dicky…

Except I’m guilty tooooo!

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Delighted to say, our correspondence and paperwork has worked. The 700€ taxe d’hab charged on our gite has been refunded. :grin: :grin:


Well done, just shows if you ask hard enough you can get it back. Still waiting to hear since early Feb about being charged TF for the property sold over a year ago and four times the amount I would have paid if I had still lived there plus the Notaire had already refunded me the two months I had paid for prior to the sale.

Good luck

I thought the website was fine.

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