New online car registration procedure

(Timothy Cole) #41

There was a delay of over a week from being issued with a reference number to something actually happening after which in the messages section it showed that my dossier was being dealt with.

(Mark Rimmer) #42

How much for headlights??? Where did you go - a main dealer?
I am a garagiste & have never paid anything like that for headlights. The xenon ones are very expensive but they are usually adjustable for continental driving.

(Timothy Cole) #43

Received the COC in the post this morning so have scanned is in to my account on ANTS, hopefully that is it and all that remains now is for them to ask for some money after which they will issue a CG.

(Dave Ellen) #44


Only just managed to get her. Visit due friday 9th. Will update then

(Timothy Cole) #45

They now want to see the CT, why the fook didn’t they ask for it at the same time as the request for the rest of the documents. Anyway CT scanned in so lets see what they ask for next.

(stella wood) #46

Frankly, they will be wanting to see all the documents that one would have needed to present at the Prefecture… in days of yore…

(Martin Gray) #47

They should not, in theory, need it. The relevant information should be on the V5C. Unfortunately, CoC details are often poorly recorded in the YK when vehicles are registered. I have 6 vehicles to get the CG sorted for, the CoC data that has been recorded is inconsistent. In a scenario where the foreign ( i.e. UK) registration document has unclear, incorrect or missing information the CoC will be required.
I think it makes senseto upload every relevant document you have…

(Timothy Cole) #48

Quick update - all approved, fee paid (exactly what I expected) and I’ve got a provisional CG valid for one month.

(stella wood) #49

Yeah… success… so pleased for you… bet you feel GREAT… :hugs:

(Timothy Cole) #50

I’m pleased because the system worked and it proves again that if you have ALL the right paperwork then it’s not so hard to get things done here. My only criticism would be the total lack of any email updates from ANTS and if I hadn’t been checking on progress nearly every day I wouldn’t have known which bits to scan in and when.

(Henriette Pols) #51

We’re trying to sell our car, French registered. The buyer wants to pick it up on friday to go on a trip. We’ve started the online procedure 4 days ago, but now we’re stuck. We’re both tax residents in France, and I was able to set up a France connect account no problem with my fiscal number etc. But I can’t do anything to sell the car, because I’m te co-driver on the CG. My husband tried to set up an French Connect account as well, exactly as I had done it, with his numbers from the same tax form, and he doesn’t seem to be recognised, although he is the main tax payer. So he has to go through the ANTS registration, which we’ve been trying to do fo a few days now. Kept getting error codes, or being stuck for not having received the right codes etc. What a nightmare… Now he finally got the message that the will be sent a code via email (???) and by post. Once you have all the codes, does anybody know how long it will take to finalise the procedure? Very worried that we won’t get it done before friday.

(Timothy Cole) #52

The code for his account with ANTS should come through by email within hours, as long as you have the code for the sale of the car you can complete everything straight away. You will need the Cession form (in duplcate) which is available on-line and the buyer needs to sign this and keep a copy.

(Henriette Pols) #53

Thanks, but what do you do if the code for ANTS just doesn’t seem to arrive?

(Timothy Cole) #54

There’s very little you can do, just be patient. The whole procedure only takes a few minutes on-line so I wouldn’t panic just yet.

(stella wood) #55

I got excited this morning… got an email from ANTS… :grinning: but on further investigation, the document that is available to me today… is merely confirmation of a request I made on 22nd January (which confirmation I already printed outthat same day)… and today’s confirmation is dated 3rd February… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How many confirmations will it take for me to get the actual document I politely demanded…on 22nd January… grrrrrr

(Martin Gray) #56

At least you know your request has not been lost, yet :smile:

(Dominic Best) #57

I’m sure you can do it for him. Early on in the procedure you have the option to chose an option for you to be carrying out a task on behalf of a third party.

(Paul Spackman) #58

Hello everyone. I’m new here and new to the way of getting things done in France. I managed to get all the paperwork onto the ANTs system and my request is showing as “Analyse par le service instructeur”.
Does anyone know what happens next please?

(Dominic Best) #59

Now patience but check the ANTS site regularly for updates, don’t wait for emails.

(Paul Spackman) #60

Thanks Dominic. There is also a yellow warning sign in the number column which says " Le document AA1_2111902_null_3278062.pdf est disponible" (Document AA1_2111902_null_3278062.pdf is available).
Any ideas?