New online car registration procedure

(Dominic Best) #61

No idea. Download it and see what it is.

(Paul Spackman) #62

That’s the strange thing. Nothing to download, no actions just that it is in process

(Paul Spackman) #63

Hi Timothy
How long did the whole process take in the end? I submitted my paperwork 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything yet.
Kind regards

(Dave Ellen) #64

waiting for the Postman to verify my ID …

(Timothy Cole) #65

It took five weeks from creating an account on ANTS to being issued with a temporary CG.

Have you got an MOT or CT?

(Paul Spackman) #66

I’ve submitted, CT, Quitas Fiscal, V5, application form, ID, proof of address, certificate of conformity and bill of sale. Fingers crossed its enough.

(Timothy Cole) #67

Hmm, don’t know what the hold-up is then. The last bit that I was asked for was the CT and within a couple of hours I was asked to pay and that was that.

(Paul Spackman) #68

Although it’s only been two weeks for me. Is there any other way to check progress other than wait for email or going into my space on ANTs website?

(Timothy Cole) #69

Not that I’m aware of Paul.

(Martin Gray) #70

Experiences of others appears to be that one will not receive any communication. One has to cgeck in from time to time at the ANTS website to n ake sure the application has not been held up pending supply of more information.

(Dave Ellen) #71

Just about ready to give up.

Had my ID verified by the Postman. All good.

Next step enter your mobile number. Has to be French. OK I get that as its an ID matter. My neighbor gave me his (I still have a UK mobile) the website refuses to accept it…You try to contact them using the online form but nope…needs a french mobile number and refuses to you the neighbours one…No option for a fixed landline which we have…

(Dominic Best) #72

How does it know it’s your neighbour’s number?

(Dave Ellen) #73

Think it is a bug TBH

(Martin Gray) #74

I feel for you Dave, that is where we got to. We then got a French mobile, so moved to the next level. I do not know why it did not accept your neighbour’s phone, unless it will only work with fixed contract phones😯
Are you registered on the Securite Socuale system? If not, my experience is that you cannot get any further. If you are not on that system France Connect will not work. To get registered there can take a while.
Surrendering to the Vogon logic I contacted a couple of Carte Grise agencies. They said that they are not allowed to register foreign vehicles. Seems I am running around in circles now. I am not allowed to apply by myself, and the professionel agencies are not allowed to apply for me. That leaves me with trying to get an individual to apply on my behalf…

(Dave Ellen) #75

Will be registering for work (ME) in april after uk tax year ends.
My car is a french registered so have okd carte gris etc.
Neighbours phone is a contract one as well.

(anon88888878) #76

Couple of things:

You can very simply register with France Connect using your Impots ID, your Ameli ID, La Poste ID, or the app based Mobile Connect et Moi.

You can get a 2€ / month mobile deal with Free Mobile.

(Martin Gray) #77

You are right Simon. But: If you have recently moved here it can take a while to get your name on the Securite Sociale computer. Until it is there, one cannot use a France Connect account on the ANTS website. You can create a France Connect account, but the ANTS system will not recognise it until the INSEE system verifies the person.

(anon88888878) #78

Hi Martin - are you saying you can’t use your La Poste IDN via France Connect? Only asking since La Poste IDN doesn’t require your SecSoc number.

(Martin Gray) #79

I can’t use my La Poste IDN via France Connect. I moved out to France in December. I have tried so many times, throwing "erreur 12"every time.
Digging around in the FAQ section of the ANTS website I found their comment that France Connect will only function for French nationals and those on the Securite Sociale system. Anyone that is fully signed up to the social security will be fine, else you cannot use France Connect at the ANTS website. The ANTS website now only accepts logins using France Connect for registering fireign vehicles. This us hiw the new system is currently set up. Anyone that was already in the system before it went fully live is probably fine.

(Mark Rimmer) #80

If you are struggling with the online process & are in a hurry to get your car registered, you can use the services of a garage certified to do the procedure for you. This is much better than a postal service as you will be told immediately if your paperwork is not in order before you part with any money.
Although many garages are listed as able to register cars not all of them will handle imports. Best to pop in & ask. They usually charge between 30 to 40 euros on top of the national registation fee for the service. I have heard of 100 euros being asked for - smile politely & leave!
This site will tell you where to find your nearest approved garage but you will have to ask them about imports.