New online car registration procedure

(Martin Gray) #81

Thanks Mark.
I have already tried the 3 within 15km. They have all refused to take on an import. TBH we are in a very agricultural area, I will try one of the larger towns next.

(Mark Rimmer) #82

Where are you? I might be able to help.

(Dave Ellen) #83

Will try this today :slight_smile:

(Martin Gray) #84

Hi Mark,
I am in La Salvetat Peyrales, Aveyron. 12440 is the postcode. Probably a long way from you.
I have scanned the documentation, bar the CT on the car which is tomorrow. That is the earliest date that they could do it when I booked it in the first week of January.
I need to redo the scans though, they need to be under 1Mb in size. My scanning software automatically did an OCR pass and added indexes; the PDF files are oversize for ANTS.
If you can help, or know of someone else that can, that would be great. This is, however, a public forum. Be aware that any kind offer to one person may lead to others asking for the same.