New online car registration procedure

(Martin Gray) #81

Thanks Mark.
I have already tried the 3 within 15km. They have all refused to take on an import. TBH we are in a very agricultural area, I will try one of the larger towns next.

(Mark Rimmer) #82

Where are you? I might be able to help.

(Dave Ellen) #83

Will try this today :slight_smile:

(Martin Gray) #84

Hi Mark,
I am in La Salvetat Peyrales, Aveyron. 12440 is the postcode. Probably a long way from you.
I have scanned the documentation, bar the CT on the car which is tomorrow. That is the earliest date that they could do it when I booked it in the first week of January.
I need to redo the scans though, they need to be under 1Mb in size. My scanning software automatically did an OCR pass and added indexes; the PDF files are oversize for ANTS.
If you can help, or know of someone else that can, that would be great. This is, however, a public forum. Be aware that any kind offer to one person may lead to others asking for the same.

(Martin Gray) #85

Hi Paul Spackman, any news from ANTS yet?
I’m asking becuse we have used a local motorcycle shop to start the procss on our small flotilla of bikes. He has never done a foreign vehicle registration before but is happy to try. He started with one, if that goes OK he will submit the rest.
I am curious to know how long (approximately) it takes for a rejection, if any. Mostly though, being confident, how long it takes for the process to complete.

(stella wood) #86

I do hope you get your info quicker than I am getting mine (well, it’s for a friend).

All info logged on to ANTS on 22 January … 18th February we get a message saying the request has passed the first stage… (hurrah, I’ve printed that bit just to prove to my friend that I did do as he asked)… no idea of when it will be finalised and the document produced…

This is not for CG… but it is on theVehicle section… so your stuff is probably following a similar route.

(David Martin) #87

I have sent you a Private Message.

(Paul Spackman) #88

Hi Martin.
It has been quite a laborious process. Take all the paperwork (V5, bill of sale, quitas fiscale, registration application, proof of French address, other proof of ID) to the prefecture. A lady then scanned it all in and set up my account on ANTS. That was 29 Jan. On Friday (2weeks later), I got an email saying “application now in progress”, I.e. Just started to process. My application says “Analyse par le service instructeur” so I think it is still being looked at. So, 3 weeks so far and counting.

(Martin Gray) #89

Hi Paul,
My problems seem to stem from not yet being on the Securite Sociale system, that means my FranceConnect account will not validate me with the ANTS website. I am trying to hold off until a financial adviser has finished looking at my pensions to see what my options are to start taking my pension.
When the lady at the prefecture set you up with an ANTS account, did she set you up with a FranceConnect account or use your existing one? I am wondering if the Prefecture personnel do not use that additional check…
Maybe I am just trying to do too much too soon?

(Paul Spackman) #90

Good question. There was no mention of setting up a separate account.
Have you been asked specifically to get an account on Securite Sociale system?

(Martin Gray) #91

Not been asked to set up an account on the Securite Sociale system, but…
On the ANTS web site it says that FranceConnect will only work for those who are French nationals, or “benefit” from the Securite Sociale.
I have re-created my La Poste account, and my IDentite Nuerique so many times now, each time I try to use it I see “Erreur 12” with no further information. All fileds at La Poste are filled in, bar my birth name (not needed unless different). My poor old La Poste person has had to verify my details so many times now that last time they sent someone out from the main regional office instead. I had thiught about trying to use a Mobile Connect et Moi account with FranceConnect instead. Unfortunately, in their FAQ it say that if you keep geting “Erreur 12” it is porbaby because you do not exist on Securite Sociale system and then states that yuo must be a French national or at least on that system…
I uess that this is a problem more for recent arrivees like us than those that have been here longer and are properly registered.

(anon88888878) #92

Martin - very odd you can’t connect using the France Connect / La Poste IDN link - maybe you should test your La Poste IDN on another site like Ministry of Culture or just to see if it’s maybe something to do with the set up of your La Poste IDN and not the ANTS system. I can connect to ANTS easily using my La Poste IDN - my SocSec number doesn’t feature in my La Poste account.

(stella wood) #93

what bit of laposte are you all talking about… an email address or a bank account ?

(anon88888878) #94

(stella wood) #95

Aha… I didn’t use anything like that… now I understand what you mean… and, by the way, the first thing I noticed on the link…


Perhaps the Experiment isn’t working as well as it might…:persevere:

(anon88888878) #96

Could be Stella but they’ve been ‘experimenting’ since last October so it’s pretty much up and running. I’ve never had a problem with it - so far !!! :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #97

Just asking… why did you use Laposte… instead of one of the other options listed. I honestly can’t remember what I used to open my own ANTs account… nor that of my friend (yes, I did manage to get him an ANTs as well)… but Laposte didn’t come into it.

I think we would have gone the Tax/Income references etc etc and Ameli (?) route… but I was so wound up both times, frankly it’s a bit of a blur. :grinning:

They had a french keyboard and my fingers were all over the place…

(Martin Gray) #98

Why did I use La Poste? Simply because I have a La Poste account. FranceConnect says one can use an account from,, or “Mobile Connect et moi”. I have a La Poste account so that is what I have used :wink:
Incidentally, I thought about creating a “Mobile Connect et moi” account, then spotted a comment in their FAQ that says “Erreur 12” will occur if you are not a French national and do not appear on the Securite Sociale system. I found the same comment buried amongst the FAQ at the ANTS website too.
I know what you mean about the French keyboard layout, I keep switchinh my smartphone between English, French and Spanish for spell-checking, the different layouts take a bit of getting used to.
Once upon a time my IT job entailed working on client sites in Luxembourg, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Each Monday was a different keyboard layout to the previous week. My typing is equally bad on all layouts :grinning:

(stella wood) #99

Oh… that explains it…I wouldn’t have given LaPoste a second glance then… as I don’t have the account.

Sometimes I yearn for the old-days… when the boffins from the IT department would come to my office and do whatever was necessary to keep me and my computer etc on the straight and narrow.

(anon88888878) #100

Stella I use all of them - no preference really.