Over 50, getting up to wee in the night

Getting there though

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Interesting report BUT the study was on those with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and concluded: “Combined with other management strategies, physical activity may provide a strategy for the management of BPH-related outcomes, particularly nocturia” Please note “may” and “other management strategies”
Urinating is a result of a chain of events that start with your kidneys then bladder and nerve stimulation of the perceived need to urinate. The Kidney is a relatively simple organ in that it uses osmosis to produce urine. It is influenced by electrolytes balance and certain chemicals that can influence its osmotic porosity. The bladder is essentially a bag that holds the urine and the nervous system senses when it needs emptying. So in normal circumstances the need to urinate is provided by sensors. Now we all know what happens when sensors go wrong or age, we also know the bladder ages as well.
Exercise is not a status, it is something that helps us achieve what is termed Physical Fitness. On top of this we have other elements that influence Physical Fitness such as Blood Pressure, Stress, Medications, diet, alcohol, intake, environment, mental status, sleep patterns etc.
So in conclusion don’t think exercise alone is going to cure your nocturia. Look at everything else. Just remember though it happens to nearly all men as a natural ageing process, go with the flow, it might go away when you are 70, mine has and I am less fit than I was 18 months ago because I have had a severe hamstring injury and can no longer walk 10K a day. ps I am a retired scientist! pss. another element of getting older is the ability to realise that mankind is doomed due the evolving ability of humanity to be able to do less and less efficiently. “In my day we used to …”

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From a personal point of view, I know that both excercise and diet have have made a tremendous change to my wellbeing and condition which has been well proven by actual medical readings……………and the improvements all include not having to get up any longer to pee in the night. I do also avoid drinking any quantity of liquid within 2 hours of going to bed. It works very well for me! Each to their own and whatever works for you, but I know I’ve found what works for me!

That is the point, we are all different otherwise doctoring would be easy. Somethings are more general so a change can effect a larger number like gaining weight as you age, driven by diet mostly and dodgy additives which are incredibly hard avoid. I dont consider my getting up once in the night a problem but will experiment with saw palmetto for a while. These issues connected with aging happen so slowly it can take years to realise, often when someone else mentions it like on here so expecting a rapid change is probably a bit too hopeful. Aging seems to be down to inflamation in the body so I avoid known inflamatory foods and reduce the milder inflamatory foods.

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Have you had a blood test for diabetes? For me this was the symptom that led my doctor to the diagnosis. Since the n no problem but when occasionally I do have to « go » in the night I just adjust my diet /treatment and back to normal again.

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Yes and as I do not consume sugar at all also the very low carbohydrate high fat diet I an not in anyway diabetic or pre diabetic.
I changed from dairy milk to soy after reading about how it would do this or that etc but after months on soy milk it hasn’t changed anything and possibly made it worse. I cannot find accurate information on the topic.
phytoestrogens, could be bad for men as they compete with testosterone true of false. Heard so much back and fourth.

I think there are less contentious milks than soy - some of the nut milks for example or oat. I’m not sure our bodies digest soy well except in the small quantities of fermented versions found in the east.

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Yes agreed, I tried almond milk, not nice in my tea. Also according to several people almond milk contains 4 almonds per glass the rest is chalky water and?? So most likely will make my own. Oat was another I didnt like but again shop bought so bound to have something you wouldn’t normally eat in it.
Stopped taking anyting in my coffee so just black to reduce the intake of replacements

Good idea. Took me ten days of misery to ween myself off milk in tea. Now only drink the occasional green tea alongside some quality infusions - I like Pagès products

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Maybe a little off topic, but nevertheless following the health theme, this guy, a Harvard professor, has done some interesting work, and loads of interviews out there, as well as this ted talk - must admit, I have listened to a number of his interviews and fascinated - a professor with very interesting input!

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Yes I have listened to some of his other talks/interviews. Just terrifying, that power in the hands of American companies! As most scifi writers have seen good doctors work is hijacked for profits. What would longevity do for pension funds? The planet is already overcrowded making it worse just hastens its demise.

The longest lived people in the world are the Hunza people of Northern Pakistan. And they dont eat junk food yet. So living longer is easy, dont touch mass produced american companies junk. Never been a case of cancer amongst the Hanza people, they consume apricot kernals, these have a little cyanide in them, but they live very long lives. The american drug companies tried to synthesise the (or what they deemed) the active ingredient and failed so they banned the use of apricot kernals. Back when I had cancer I looked at a South american clinic where they treated people with apricot kernals and hadn’t killed anyone to date, that doctor moved from North america because he wasn’t allowed to practice this therapy.

I certainly dont want to live an excessive amount of years but just be healthier for a few more.

Indeed, quite fascinating, and yes, if everyone lived substantially longer it would have massive detrimental effects in so many ways. For me, it’s not necessarily about living a very long time, more the point of making sure I max out the number of years I can live a full and healthy life, and not just there in mind only. Hiking up Everest at 100 may be asking a little too much, but doing it at 99 would be fine for me!!!:grin::grin::grin:

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To much Facebook I’m afraid, myth.

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My own experience seemed to show that exercise helped a good deal.

I have not had a formal exercise routine since leaving school, partly because I have never had a job which involved sitting down. Photography and allied activities can not be done seated. Ditto running a boatyard.

I once boasted to a client photographer that the generator I had on my location truck was brilliant with studio flash packs because it had a bloody great flywheel. “That’s good to hear Chris. You ok carrying it across this golf course then?”

Note to self - built all-terrain trolley for genny.

I had a long period when I got up to pee just to break the flow (sic) of difficult nights caused by depression. I think the habit stuck, tho’ the depression has faded, thankfully.

But recently I had a day of heaving all my stuff, boxes and crates and all, from storage into the van. Five hrs non stop, full on, fagged out. Didn’t get up once that night.


A. I am not on facebook.
I read this stuff way before facebook’s originator was out of nappies.
Fact check only concludes it has not been proven which is not a denial. Yes cyanide is dangerous, I wouldn’t take it even if I had to live with you :joy:

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Faint whiff of bollock around here I think :wink:, so you think cancer is only a modern disease and a healthy living with some apricot seeds will stop a population from ever getting cancer, modern living hasn’t caused cancer to appear, it’s effects have only amplified the disease.
I have spent the last 10 years looking at this kind of wishful thinking, I beat one tumour but the second inoperable one on my spine will get me within the next 3-4 years, so I have done a bit of research over the years into things to do with cancer. :wink::roll_eyes:
If I though there was any credibility in any of this I would endorse it but I don’t and saying it must be true because you say so without any real evidence to back the asertion that none of the Hunza people have ever had cancer is laughable.

I suspect one of the reasons more people seem to get cancer nowadays is that we are all living longer - in the Olden Days life expectancy was so much shorter that people didn’t live long enough to catch “ailments of old age”.

Another aspect to waking up in the middle of the night is that the idea of getting “8 hours sleep” is a relatively modern phenomenon - before artificial light people used to have “first sleep” and “second sleep” - with a gap in between when they used to get up and do household chores, read by candlelight, or entertain each other in other ways. :grinning:

Once you know that it make it much easier to cope with waking up in the middle of the night (regardless of needing to pee or not) … :slightly_smiling_face:


Do tell us more :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Some things haven’t changed about humanity. :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You need to be told? :roll_eyes: