Porridge - import ok?

Google, or in this case Wikipedia, is your friend

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Not so sure about that. I dont like warm porridge or the like - not even in winter.
Cranachan on the other hand - as soon as the first raspberries are ripe its a go to dessert. Eady to make, looks impressive and divine to eat.

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Depending upon how you look at it, Cranachan is either the devils temptation, or gods reward. No other interpretation is possible :relieved:


Yep us too, for flapjack making

My sons GF was saying last night that there is a problem as wherever they grow mustard seeds there is a huge problem of some sort. Can’t remember the reason!


Yep, supermarket shelves were almost empty of mustard yesterday but there was plenty of sunflower oil, from Bulgaria. Am well stocked for a while.

Our supermarket also has large gaps in the oil shelves. But plenty of oats and mustard. Luckily I stocked up at the Maille shop last time I went to Dijon to see my doctor. They have an en vrac service, and you can refill your jars . Unfortunately I chose the mustard to the month, which has whisky in it so not suitable for everything.

Climate crisis BS they are just forcing the price up.

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Unhealthy oils anyway, switch to more healthy options.

I hope Olive Oil will not be threatened…
Just checked… 2.5 litres… so ok for a while… phew.

Italien olive orchards have been badly hit in last few years, so keep an eye on your stocks.

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Cheers for that news Jane… I’ll be careful and buy an extra bottle, just in case.
We don’t go mad using it, but it is our preference. (cold-pressed, virgin olive oil)

Seems we will have to use more walnut oil. We have 6 extremely large trees that never fail to produce a good crop of nuts.
Each year my wife cracks enough shells to produce 25 to 30 kilos of nuts which believe me means a lot of cracking.
We then take the walnuts to a local mill that has been making walnut oil in the same way for some 200 years, a husband and wife team.
The oil from our nuts is delicious on anything.
Still got plenty of last years oil and this year has produced another 20 litres.
The time spent collecting and cracking is a labour of love which my wife enjoys doing and all we have to do is watch the nuts grow!
A bottle of oil is the perfect gift and no visitor goes away empty handed which still leaves plenty for us.


As a lot of their oil is not what they claim it to be its blended. There is still Spanish.

Dip your bottles in paint!

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Tell me more, an ancient french custom perhaps?

Wow, do you have have for a machine to crack the nuts? My neighbours do the same, not got around to it yet. How much oil from each kg?

No machine, nuts cracked one by one.
Quantity varies each year but about 250kg of uncracked nuts will produce about 25 to 30 kg of shelled nuts which in turn will convert to approximately 15 litres of oil.
Last year’s nuts were of particularly good quality. Ours our grandjohn variety which i am told are not overly common in our area but they came with the house so seems we were lucky as they are considered better quality than the more common frankette variety grown commercially.
The oil tastes wonderful.


Oils go rancid in clear bottles. All good virgin olive oils come in dark green bottles to keep the oil fresh.