Pretty fall (Autumn) photos anyone?

(Alex Thurgood) #81

Puy de la Perdrix & Puy du Sancy (background), Saint Babel in foreground:

(Alex Thurgood) #82

Having said that, not all of them are mycological experts despite their training - in the words of a French pharmacist friend I knew : “if in doubt, throw it out”

(stella wood) #83

That is a very good “rule of thumb”… and can be applied to most things that might be dangerous in some way…

(Dan Wood) #84

Hi Jane - Yes l do use filters in many of my photos - in fact l get a great deal of pleasure from the process - however sometimes they are better left in their original state.

(Helen Wright) #85

I did decide to eat them Alex and they were delicious and no ill effects afterwards…x :slight_smile:

Some others came up a short time afterwards but after struggling to identify them I’ve just left them where they are…x :slight_smile:

(Alex Thurgood) #86

Today’s view. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for even warmer weather, so the snow won’t last.

(Meghann Robbe) #87

Breathtaking… really enjoy everyones photos!

(Dan Wood) #88

Last day of November tomorrow and Autumn is rapidly drawing to a close - So as a farewell to this glorious fall one last picture from our beautiful canal at Meilhan.

(Meghann Robbe) #89

Truly beautiful!

(Alex Thurgood) #90

Took this on my phone yesterday evening - one of the reasons I love where we live is the amazing sunsets !

(Sandy Hewlett) #91

Lot-et-Garonne sunset two nights ago … the view from my window. No editing, photoshopping … yes the sky really was that colour!!

(Ann Coe) #92

Sublime, who needs to watch television when we have such gorgeous skies above us ! :slight_smile: