Proving date for carte de sejour?

Almost all ready to go on the new site. URSSAF documentation, tax bill, passport, attestation d’hebergement, etc.

But I have nothing to prove my date of arrival. I live in my partner’s house, so no date of purchase or rental agreement, and it took me several months to get my dossier through URSSAF. I paid tax from 23 March and didn’t get my business open till June (mainly through URSSAF losing my file and having to reapply).

Any ideas? I have my 2017 avis d’imposition but it doesn’t state the period I was tax resident, unless I’m missing something.

Sounds like you have lots of bits of papers, you have been here less than 5 years so just need to show what you have and put the date of arrival as best you can remember it. what date has been put on the attestation d’hebergement got on it?

That’s got 23 March which is the same date I paid my taxes from. I just don’t have anything separate.

when did you join CPAM… ??? or get Full or Mutuelle Insurance ???
Insurance is often one of the first things…
perhaps changing the car insurance from UK to France

just throwing ideas into the mix…

No motor - sold mine before coming; and didn’t get my health insurance till I got registered with URSSAF.
Anyway, I got the attestation with the date in it so hopefully that will do. And the prefecture may well have my first contact with them on record when I asked about a carte de sejour and was told what I’d need in the way of paperwork … back in 2017.

I reckon the docs you can put together will be OK… 23rd March is the date (year?) and you can surely get into the system with this… will it suit you to wait until after 23rd March 2021 to Apply ?? (thus gaining another year’s Residency) or would you prefer to have a go now ??

Oh! apparently it’s worked!

I don’t know when they will date the CDS from… so I thought better to get it done rather than wait.


well done… what a relief !!! :slight_smile:

The exact date doesn’t really matter as for the under 5 years you’ll be given a 5 year card. The exact date would be more important if you were nosing over the 5 year line!

But as soon as I hit Year Six, Day One, I will have my dossier ready for naturalisation, so I really want to make sure my residence is counted from the very first day!

If that is the date on the attestation then I would presume they will take that date.

If taking up residence in a particular commune has been notified to the Mairie within the required period (8 days if I remember correctly), then an Attestation sur l’Honneur signed at the Mairie and officially stamped by them will usually suffice to verify one’s arrival date.

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Eeeek I never knew about that rule!

Have you got a link Mark to somewhere where it says this - this is excellent information?

I have no idea if we did that at the time…
however, I’m pretty sure they know I’m here, by now.

My wife and I enquired about an official attestation from the Maire within a week of our arrival in 2015. We were rebuffed with a statement that the Maire no longer issued them to new residents, nor did he meet them in person except for mayoral business or to raise a complaint.

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Different Mairies deal with things in a variety of ways.

Here, our Mairie is delighted when new folk present themselves. If the Maire himself is available, he will generally pop out of his office to say a brief … hello… otherwise a note is taken by the Secretaire… so the folk know who is where…

this helps when delivery men/laposte/whoever are looking for someone and the Mairie is often where they end up trying to find an answer…

With regards to Attestation about someone living here… the Mairie did do one for a Dutch family during lockdown… so that they could prove they had the right to be coming to the village… (being very new owner/residents)… other than that… NO… our Mairie does not do Attestations any more.

Attestations are freely available from the Utilities… and other offices…

Our Mairie won’t do attestations either. But that is not the same as writing out your own attestation sur l’honneur and popping into the Maire to ask the secretary to witness you signing it and stamp it…possibly a very good idea for all the pre-Brexit last minute escapees.

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I’d also suggest for anyone sending off driving licences, other documentation and so on, get the mairie to provide you with a certified copy - just a photocopy with their stamp on. If things get lost in the post, it’s terribly useful. Our mairie actually suggested that we did this for a couple of pieces of documentation.


Our Mairie holds a welcoming reception for newcomers, and then cracks open a few bottles of wine to encourage everyone to mingle and get to know each other.

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