Put down that steak knife

Another post to add to the selfish list.
The whole point of the conversation here is that all of our personal actions (or lack of) effect others. Wanting to maintain a biosphere that can sustainably support human life is very much in all of our interests.


Are you concerned about sarcopenia with a restricted diet?
Also may I just add that whilst your concerns are real, that is America, In Europe we have far higher standards although under Boris we in the UK could see a reduction in those with buying food from less stringent countries.

Nothing worse then a zealot

Cancers worse

Of course there is. Suffering & extinction caused by preventable global warming for one.
You could try some research & then make some constructive comments, as it will make you feel better.

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Can we all please remember that whilst we might have moved from the real user names policy, dinner party standards of posting behaviour most definitely still apply.

And…as I no longer know who most posters are, I am less likely to cut anyone any slack where rudeness is involved.



Absolutely correct. I see the prof is on the go with wisdom. Should have stuck with advertising the EV manufacturers.

It is up to the individual and no one else what and how they choose to eat.


Please edit your comment to remove the personal reference. Thanks.

@Rocam @Flocreen Surely it is easy enough to mute a thread or an individual if it/they annoy you?

Personally, I always find @Corona’s contributions thoughtful and well-informed and he is unfailingly polite.


Enough of people having a pop rather than contributing either way to the topic, I read and study and form an opinion, if there is a counter opinion happy to look into it. On another forum I posted about estrogen in soy milk and its links to breast cancer. Several people corrected me and gave me links to studies to show this is wrong although it was once believed to be true.
People who just take pop shots are the ones with the issues. If you have a contribution explain it if not stay on the sidelines as you have nothing to contribute either way to the topic.


That was addressed to @Rocam btw

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I think this is too interesting a discussion to be shut down because of a lack of politeness from some.

For a long time I’ve tried to persuade my OH to look at where our food comes from when she’s doing the shopping as to me by only buying locally produced or sourced has a massive benefit for the planet and the country’s economy. Of course that may reduce the choice of what we eat but do we really need prawns from South America as currently advertised by a major supermarket as a ‘good deal’?


fair point…
local stuff, no chemicals and following the best regimes for land and animal welfare…
(I’m so glad I live here…)

and it might be another good idea to get back to eating things according to the season, no forced production or jetplane deliveries …

I must stop looking at strawberries in December at the Hypermarkets… naughty me…

Thé discussion won’t be shut down. :slight_smile:

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Who mentioned tea ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Had to look that up :grinning:

No because I have a massive plateful of whatever I decide to eat…probably enough for two and fruit for dessert :grinning:

I don’t feel my diet is restricted at all …I eat lots of potatoes and eggs and lentils and nuts…I like hoummus and Indian and Thai curries that really don’t require meat…ditto Italian pasta dishes…I love rostis and peppers and mushrooms and garlic…

I’m not obsessive about eating only once a day it’s just a habit I’ve kind of fallen into…

And I don’t think fasting for a day or so (unless someone has a condition such as diabetes where they absolutely must eat regularly throughout the day) is detrimental to health…???

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It isn’t, it’s a really good idea. Just concerned that you might be low and could suffer sarcopenia which is a thing as we age. I do intermittent fasting also and feel great doing so, autophagy is where the body begins to clear out old and damaged cells leading to new ones being produced and triggered by intermittent fasting.

Type2 diabetes can be reversed by a low inflamation Keto diet in a lot of cases.

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My mom has late onset type 1 diabetes so she can’t skip meals even when she feels unwell…

She’s recently developed a new problem of not being able to sleep…going to bed early…5-6pm and sleeping for a couple of hours and then laying awake until 5am which is her usual time to get up in a morning….

As she is on so many medications for many physical problems I’ve been trying to think of a natural remedy for sleeplessness…

I often have nights like that lately but it doesn’t effect me like it does her…

Who cares when you sleep as long as you get the right amount for you. She presumably doesn’t have a job so what does it matter to other people when she sleeps? Personally I find the middle of the night is a very productive time.

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I am sure you read and study and form opinions, pop shots, maybe it was a spur of the moment pop shot, doesnt it give you something to think about why, I also have opinions, and will air them unless it is forbidden to do so, it is called freedom of speech. I dont have issues as it was put. And by the way I also have numerous hobbies as well.

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