Renting a House in France before the end of the transition period

Hi , I read somewhere on here that if you are unable to complete a house purchase before the end of the year, you would retain the benefits of being an eu citizen by renting a property before that date.
1 What would the benefits of that?
2 Would it apply to a property that is not fully rentable at the moment.?
Background. We have sold our French house. Our daughter has buildings on her property which have electricity and are inhabitable but are not yet connected to the fosse. We would like to take a long lease on one of these so that the money from the house sale could finance the updating of one of these properties but not at a cost to our daughter. Would you be able to lease a property that does not yet have sanitation?. Looking for ideas.

Are you still in France? Do you live in France or are you doing all this from outside the country? The benefits of getting in before the deadline depend on your position but for most are considerable! People comming after the deadline will be third country nationals/non-europeans with no rights as such : you’ll need to ask for permission to come here, to work etc. :wink:

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Hi Andrew, Thank you for your reply. We have had a holiday home in France for the last eighteen years. We would be planning to spend long holidays in France . We are UK residents. We would hope to have any such rental in place before the end of December so that we would be keeping any rights we accrued as second homers.

Don’t panic, as far as I’m aware, being a second home owner (and so non-resident) before the deadline doesn’t give you any rights post-brexit. In your case, you’ll be viewed in the same way as anyone else who came to France each year on holiday for the last 18 years. You’ll just have to jump through whatever hoops are put in place (short stay/holiday visa if I’m not mistaken) to kkep comming to France (home owner or not) and with a limit on the number of days a year you can spend here, unfortunately :frowning:

However we will (as 2nd home owners) be allowed to keep all of the rights we did not accrue :slight_smile:


I had thought as a second home owner pre Brexit we could stay up to six months (almost) at a time. We have never done that - probably four months would be the maximum. I think that it will now be three months in any six?
If there arent any advantages to buying a house pre end of transition why is there such a rush for British people to but a house here before the end of the transition period?

Pre-Brexit limiting stays to 6/12 months was about not accidentally appearing to be resident as far as the fisc were concerned.

Dunno, maybe people think something might happen to the value of the ÂŁ

Rolling 90 days out of 180 without separate visa - apparently the right visa exists to stay more without moving permanently but I can’t remember exactly which thread it was discussed in and although the info seemed sound I did not manage to find an official page describing it (that would be my failing I suspect).)


Because they plan to move in before the end of the transition period, ie be resident in France before the 31st of December to qualify and keep right to live and work here. It’s quite clear, you need to be resident before the end of the transition period, second home owners will become third country nationals like everybody else : max 90 days in any 180, as you say, and apparently the 90 days can’t be back to back.

There are plenty of people on this forum who are more knowledgeable on this subject than I am and who keep an eye on this (other 2nd home owners) who will I’m sure correct me if the situation has changed :wink:

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No it can’t - hit the 90 day limit for Schengen and you have to exit the area for 90 days before you may return.

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thanks, Paul, not sure I’m up to date on all this!

Me neither to be honest.

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In actual fact the rules have always been that you have only been able to stay in France for 90 days before registering, but France chose not to apply this and was one of the few EU country not to require EU country citizens to register after 90 days.

So once Brexit has happened this is what will be fully applied. And it is 90 days within the Schengen area - so if you have a few short breaks in other EU countries that comes off the 90 days you can spend in France.

As second home owners (or renters, makes no difference) you will no longer be considered an European citizen so will have to abide by the rules for TCNs, third country nationals.

The reason that people are rushing is to become resident in France.


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Thanks Graham :slight_smile:

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I was only thinking of your poorly back :wink:
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Many thanks for all your replies. No excuse for starting another french renovation project then.!


First of all, I’d just like to say that we have found this website a brilliant resource to answer a lot of the questions that have been in our minds, so thank you.

I have not been able to find an answer to a question that has been bothering me and I was hoping that someone here would be able to help.

Context: My wife and I are moving to France in November. We have rental accommodation with an agreement for 12 months. We will have have at least one of the utilities in our name and as far as the requirements for meeting the criteria for the CDS (French bank a/c, healthcare, proof of income, etc.,) I believe we have addressed.
Question: Once we move into our rental accommodation, do we have to inform anyone else that we are resident in France - especially locally e.g. le maire or other local “council” type organisations or do we just apply for the CDS through the government website after 3 months?
If anyone can provide some clarity, that would be great.


No, nobody has to know. However you might find this thread useful as several suggestions about what documents could be helpful to collect.

make sure your names are clearly marked on the letterbox… :slight_smile: