Share your pet photos!


(Bill Morgan) #42

‘Bijou’, enjoys taking B & B for a stroll. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Lynn STONE) #43

This is our big black Marvin and his inseperable little friend, three-legged Billy :slight_smile:

(Lynn STONE) #44

Also Billy with his other best friend, another three-legged, Bob.

(stella wood) #45

This one of my brother’s pet foxes… sorry for the poor quality of the photo… I’ve got some daytime shots somewhere, but mostly Nutmeg and the others come out at night…

(Bill Morgan) #46

Beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #47

Finally got around to posting mine. First is Kitty Cat “helping” unpack the shopping and second is Denzel “helping” with the washing up.

(Mandy Davies) #48

And here they both are just looking gorgeous!

(Ann Coe) #49

Marvellous how animals can cope like this and be so loving too, of course they are getting lots of love and cuddles from you, it helps ! :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #50

What cuties, they certainly love posing :wink:

(Peter Dawson) #51

Chez nous…no room on the sofa for us!

(Bill Morgan) #52

Wott Youz Doin’ wiv ower Dug ? :thinking::grinning:

(Ann Coe) #53

Looks really cosy there for them Peter, a real laid back set of pets :smiley:

(Helen Wright) #54

Lol…so cute…what is it with cats and bags and boxes…Many moons ago I also had cats as well as dogs…I remember having a visitor once and one of my cats made herself at home in her enormous handbag whilst we were talking…x :slight_smile:

(Paul Flinders) #55

It might look serene but there is an uneasy truce regarding who gets to use the cat basket.

In case you are thinking that we are slightly mean having two cats and one cat basket when they don’t want to share I would like to reassure you that we have plenty of accommodation available but, being cats, they don’t always (ever?) wish to play by the rules we lay down. For a long time the one on the right (Zag) favoured an old cardboard box and would not be enticed into a basket. The one on the left (Zig) favoured perching on top of the kitchen units. Then Zig took up residence in the basket so Zag suddenly decided to turf her out, for a while they swapped basket and box, now they have both decided they like the basket but spend some time trying to outstare the other before giving up and settling down.

Bloody Cats! :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #56

Had a pair like that once upon a time, sisters but they would try and push one another off setee, chairs, laps etc; This would be followed by stand up boxing, spitting and then 5 minutes later they would be curled up together serene and purring ! :roll_eyes:

(stella wood) #57

Nutmeg and Phoebe are great friends…

(Mandy Davies) #58

Our 2 are not the best of friends. This looks like quite a cute photo but it’s not. They both just wanted the same spot on the desk next to hubby!!! :smiley:

(anon64436995) #59

I wish this grenouille were for real. He or she is a total dear, and impregnably anglophile. His/her avatar lives beside our WC.

(Jane Jones) #60

Well it’s that time of year… these are not exactly pets, but they live along the stream that crosses our garden and during the March mating season we mount guard to stop them being stolen. We are very attached to them and their croaking…

(stella wood) #61

Heavens… why would they be stolen ??