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(anon64436995) #62

You lucky thing! I love frogs and toads. We get a fair number in our garden but I would never deprive one of his liberty. Those merry creatures swimming amongst their prolific spawn are so cute. And so undemanding, much less attention-seeking than a dog, cat or rabbit, and no shedding of hairs.

(anon64436995) #63

Cuisse de grenouille ? Miam miam ?

(stella wood) #64

Are they the edible-frog then…?? they looked a little dark …

(anon54681821) #65

i remember as kids we used to go and collect frog spawn for no other reason but to watch them emerge and grow. we always used to put them back though. The pond was our own pond and we used t keep them in a white bucket covered next to the pond.

(Jane Jones) #66

They are the best edible ones apparently (we don’t eat frogs let alone our own ones) the grenouille rousse, and are a protected species. But a local man steals them and sells them for quite a bit to restaurants despite being regularly prosecuted.

(stella wood) #67

Mmmm… perhaps someone should take a bite out of one of his legs…:upside_down_face::sunglasses::rofl:

(anon64436995) #68

Stella, I dearly wish I had a kindly neighbour who was in the habit of gifting me a whole roasted frog every week, because she only ever ate the (darkish) thighs, and didn’t like to let the rest go to waste. It would be the perfect parallelisme au poisson d’avril :roll_eyes:

(stella wood) #69

:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: no chicken this week… mmm… perhaps my neighbour has taken a shine to someone else… :cry:

(stella wood) #70

This little friend came to visit …so cute that I decided not to put him on the menu :relaxed:

(Tonia Steciuk) #71

Here’s Felix, or ‘radiator cat’ !

(Ann Coe) #72

Isn’t it amazing Tonia how cats can’change shape’ to fit themselves into the smallest of spaces …he looks to be really loving it :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #73

Say hello to Penny… one of my brother’s new lady friends… she is snoozing after demolishing a good lunch… :relaxed:


(anon54681821) #74

my big Patou and a little Chihuahua they come for holiday here in all sizes and they all get along

(Ann Coe) #75

I bet he has to be careful not to trip over the little ones though Harry :wink: Just goes to show that animals sometimes have more sense than us humans, size, colour, breed/race doesn’t matter to them :slight_smile: !

(anon54681821) #76

yes my big patou she is ever so gentle with the little man.

tranquillity is important to me and in April so far ive turned away 3 bookings where the dogs were not suitable for us, just the 3 bookings alone was over 1200€ but for me peace and tranquillity is far more important.

I helped them all find alternatives though, just not open garden like us

(Catharine Higginson) #77

Ha ha! We’ve got one like that, sits in the oddest places!

(anon64436995) #78

Must add our Three French Hens although they aren’t really pets as such, they are absolute darlings and stick together like the Three Degrees, in close harmony. They are prolific egg providers too.

(Bill Morgan) #79

Bijou, I can’t concentrate !

(anon64436995) #80

It’s a lurrrrrrrrv thing Bill :heart:

(Mat Davies) #81

Border Collies - no debate needed the very best breed of dog. (yes we have a Border Collie)