Taxe d'Habitation/Audiovisuel - change in exemptions?

We have been exempt from Taxe d’Hab for several years, based on income and age.

Suddenly, today, we receive a bill for Taxe d’Hab and Audiovisuel.

Have the exemption rules changed?

Today is a strange time of the year to receive a tdh bill.
Are you sure it’s not a scam?
If it’s genuine is it for the year 2019?
Have you looked at you online account, does that shed any light?

Thanks for your reply.

Both bills are for 2019, and as far as I can see they are quite genuine. I am completely mystified. I wondered if there had been some changes that I was not aware of. Maybe I’ll have to gird my loins and contact the tax office.

Welll you can’t have got younger :wink: so unless your declared income has massively increased, or it’s become a second home, it does sound like the computer had a blip.

If I had got younger I’d be happy to pay. :rofl:

I am hoping it’s a blip because I thought that Taxe d’Hab in general had gone down this year, not up!

The demands look genuine, the envelopes look genuine, the only thing that looks a little bit odd is the code that you can scan to pay by smartphone. The amounts are quite small, can’t see anybody could get rich from them!

I’ll go and assault the tax office when they’ve stopped striking.

I think you will have to. Good luck with it.

Thank you Anna. :slight_smile:

Is the bill for more than the audiovisual fee?

That sounds like a scam to me. I think it would be worth checking with your Tresor Publice or your Mairie. Somewhere on this forum is an email I wrote about a payment for a new Catre Vitale - total scam. I now check everything that I have never had any dealings with before just in case.

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The audiovisuel bill is for 139,00, and the Taxe d’Hab is 148,00.

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When I used to pay I always paid online via the App. I don’t think I ever had to write in the amount to be paid, it was always there automatically. I could go online anytime to check all of my tax bills both paid and waiting to be paid. Are you able to do that? If it’s genuine it will show up on your online account.

This is the link
If you haven’t an account it’s easy to set up.

I have just checked online, and my Taxe d’Hab is for 0 euros.

This does definitely seem like a scam, as opposed to a computer error. An elaborate one, because the envelopes are indistinguishable from the genuine window envelopes, all the text on the double-page bills is identical to the reference numbers on the on-line Tax demands EXCEPT for one number which is different.

The one thing that looks odd is the Qcode. It isn’t like any I have seen previously. I’ll take a photo and post it so you can see. Obviously I’m not going to scan it. :grin:

I’m thinking that if this is a scam which is what it seems to be , the way it would work would only be if somebody paid the bills by Smartphone, flashing the Qcode, which would send the payment to the scammers bank. If paid by any other means, by cheque, TIP or cash at the local tax office, the amount would be returned.

Take it to your Tax Office, if it is a scam (& probably is, if not on the impots web site) they can then report it to the authorities.

I shall be doing that.

Here’s an image showing the documents and one of the envelopes, and another showing the Qcode.

Apart from the odd Qcode, the only other thing is that the quality of the envelope feels slightly cheap, not like the usual quality of Finances Pupbliques envelopes.

Susie Kelly


I shall be doing that.
Yes I would too.
& If I was you I’d take the photos of the forms off the site as it has your address you never know who’s watching?

Considering how all our information, references, numbers are correct, I am wondering how whoever is doing this has access to all this information.

I don’t think it shows our address does it? Only the address of our local tax office as far as I can see, because I deliberately covered our details before I photographed them. Or have I missed something?

Deleted post re. return envelopes, as I found them under a heap of other paperwork.

If you post a decent (camera square on to the page) high res image of the QR code I’ll see if I can decode it.