Trump Trumps Trump

No sneak out in the furniture removal van more than likely.

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Did anyone here watch the ‘Town Hall’ events in the US. A commentator said Trump made a huge mistake refusing to hold a debate with Biden today. I would agree with that having watched both events. I thought Biden was impressive. Trump was well …Trump

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Hopefully the world can forget about Trump in 3 weeks! Corona will remain a theme for longer!

I think even if he leaves peacefully he will remain under the spotlight for quite a while. I for one will be watching him try to avoid incarceration. Saying that, my confidence in wrongdoers being brought to justice has been shattered by watching events here.

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Just how has he managed to get this permission if it is so damaging to the environment?
One guess only allowed.

More like three months. Even if he loses, he will be in office until the 20th of January. Hopefully we can survive until then.

I hope that Trump loses, he won’t go quietly though.

Biden is ahead in the polls - but they are not always accurate and too few US voters seem to be able to see that Trump is not good for the long term future of the US, by any rational measure his support should be running at 10%, not nearer 40.

Give her an f’ing break! :wink:

Exactly! You would not expect him to be higher than 10%. Blame the ignorance (and brainwashing) of low-income voters that support those who only care about cutting taxes for the rich, at the expense of higher wages, health care, lower taxes (not to mention clean air and water, etc.) for those same voters.

tRump does still have a narrow lead among white voters. White men, to be more exact. And many of those people live in the states that, because of the Electoral College, will decide the outcome of the election.
Which is why Biden needs to outperform by a good margin. Hillary Clinton had nearly 3 million more votes and still lost. The question is, when will that archaic system be abolished, and the US Presidential Election finally decided by the popular vote? It all goes back to the ignorance problem, which is what Republicans rely on to win.

The irony, in some ways, is that the college is not legally obliged to vote according to the popular mandate - so the system supposedly has the flexibility to look at the whole popular vote and adjust accordingly.

Sadly none of them had the balls to vote “against” their local state result.

Because those states were controlled by Republicans.
Most of those states are controlled by Republicans, and there is a fear that this time they may actually vote against the popular mandate to put him back into office.

Even allowing for the crazy electoral system I am very confident Trump will lose as many Republicans simply cannot stomach another four years of seeing him in the WH, what would worry me though if I lived in the US is what happens in the immediate aftermath of his defeat as many of his ‘Looney Tunes’ supporters may take it badly.

While I think he will lose, I suspect it will be by a small margin - in which case there is a danger he will drag things out by claiming the vote was rigged (he has already done the groundwork for this).

As you say this might encourage the many white supremacist groups to take direct action in his “support”.

All of this has the scope to get ugly.

I was listening to Laurie Taylor’ programme Thinking Aloud on Radio 4 last night and his American guest was going over his theory of how Revolutions start.
Mainly because Governments do not want to or fail to recognise the full extent of discontent in their countries.
This has come to a head in the USA due to the unlawful killings of black people being filmed and the rise of Black Lives Matter and now the appalling handling of the Covid situation.
His prognosis for the next President, whoever he may be, is if this inequality is not addressed in a timely and sufficiently hard manner, there will be civil war in the USA.

The sad thing is that this comes after Obama. Previous presidents have to take their responsibility for the fact that they are a direct line to where we are now and the emergence of Trump.

A very powerful video, from the Lincoln Project…


Commander in Chief


His latest goody is that the USA will not be having a Socialist President and especially not a female Socialist President!
According to him he was the least racist person at his last rally, so presumably he will not object to Ms Harris because she is black but because she is from the left and female.

At long last, Trump’s Covid plan !