UK driving licences after Brexit - I'm glad I did not panic!

I would not mind taking the test. BUT - I would mind having a learner plate, having to be accompanied for the first year, having a speed limit imposed on me for 2 years etc. etc.
All because politicians have no sense of urgency and no brain to follow up on their grandiose plans for ‘independence’ from the EU.

Here is a link to the UK government response to thr petition about licence exchange. Doesn’tactually say anything new…and has my favorite weasel word “seek” to agree.

And this is what Kim Cranstoun has posted on the facebook site for those who don’t use facebook


Various rumours, news articles are raising questions that have been answered quite a lot over the last week or two. So I am putting it all in one place for clarity of what is known.

The Reciprocal Agreement has been done, it is with the powers that be for checking and signing, how long this will take I cannot say but no one is specifically holding it up, it’s just the adminstration, hopefully something more concrete in the next 2-3 weeks.

We understand that:

No driving test will be required unless you specifically wish to take the 2 part test.

Expired licences will be exchanged, both cards and licences.

There will be a specific criteria for exchanging but I really can’t say what this is until it’s officially released, ie, translations etc, I have asked for clarification on this.

And before everyone shouts that there’s not enough time before the end of the year, the criteria will cover this.


Let’s hope that they are quicker with this than the Titre de Sejours.
‘It’s just the administration, hopefully something more concrete in the next two or three weeks’.
If past experience is anything to go by, don’t hold your breath.


just hope that there will be a fast track mechanism for people whose driving licences expire in the nest few months, otherwise I won’t be driving this autumn!
My application made online in December, when I received a formal acknowledgement of application, hasn’t moved.