Visitor permits.....attestation d'accueil

I see from a couple of articles suggesting that attestations are in theory needed to host visitors in private homes.
How likely is it that it will be insisted on?
So if my friends decide at a moments notice…C-19 eventually allowing, to come and see us or decided to extend their stay in France by calling bye they can’t do this until the relevant docs are signed, fee paid and deposited (where?)
I thought France was keen to encourage visitors?

Or is this requirement never likely to be relevant if you’re visiting friends …and what do gites owners with Brit guests have to do?

Did any of the muppets who voted leave realise they would no longer be able to travel without a shed load of hassle admin’?

Clearly not.

The attestation is an old, not recent, requirement but did not apply to visitors from the UK when we were in the EU. I guess some indication might be drawn from how diligently they were checked for visitors from, say, the US or Aus/NZ previously - but it is probable that Covid has thrown them into sharper relief.

It has been discussed in more than one thread recently - e.g. see here Attestation to visit, not sure another thread will shed additional light.

Apparently this doesn’t apply to registered hospitality, just don’t keep families or friends together.

They will probably be going to Benidorm anyway.

It appears that the French authorities plans to be punctilious when dealing with visitors from Britain. We have the visitor attestations and, of course, the driving licence exchange fiasco for UK citizens who are resident in France.
I wonder if the degree of punctiliousness is being increased by the UK government’s rather flexible attitude to keeping to the letter of the withdrawal agreement?

Punctiliousness is being shown by putting those who believed the government web sight when it stated that you could come to the UK without a visa if you had a job interview lined up and then put them in Yarlswood…


I went to the mairie this morning & was told that the mayor issues the attestations.
However, no-one could tell me whether the conditions would apply to Brits…as we only left Europe very recently.
I was given the number of the prefecture in Albi, & told I should speak to them.
I phoned & was told that the different mairies (could) have different requirements.
The man I spoke with then laughed sympathetically at the plight of the English, now
that we’d taken back control.

There is another thread about this already:

And to be clear that the attestation d’accueil is not a visitor’s permit. They might still need that (ie a visa) under certain conditions.

TCNs have always had different requirements, so this is not specifically directed at the UK.

it’s pretty straightforward for guests, or maybe I am just becoming French. 30€ at the Marie for people who are not staying in commercial premises and don’t fall into an exempt group.

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