We're all Trussed up now :(

I heard someone say they’re stripping the gold wallpaper at No 10 and replacing it with something more padded.


Good analysis here:

Ends surprisingly optimistically - basically because Davies can’t believe Truss won’t go back on the economic policies she has promised in the campaign (and previously).

OTOH her economic advisors are going to be the likes of Patrick Minford and John Redwood (who’s Twitter parody account is only rarely more extreme than Redwood himself).

This is a bit like some medieval physician who’s cures relieve the patient of their life more readily than their affliction.

I think your fascination may reveal a lack of appreciation of just how much damage this woman can do. What she is called here or in any other forum matters little, it’s what she’s going to do that counts, and based on her pronouncements it doesn’t auger well.

She and her supporters (including the hateful ERG) are flakey, look at them. I believe Britain has entered a very dangerous time and while it is those in the UK that will sadly suffer most, Truss has the ability to do wider damage.

I think we have just experienced the inverse of “cometh the hour, cometh the man” , and of course I do not mean that in a gender sense.

I admit my confidence in British politicians has been at an all time low but despite my efforts to try and find positives, I cannot summon up one shred of optimism for this new regime, The system has failed, the madmen are still in control of the asylum, in fact they have enhanced their grip.

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This does seem to sum things up rather well:


Just love Pie…

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Be careful - too many pies is bad for you!

Though it’s a minor point I disagree.

Pet names for these people, even derogatory ones, serve to humanise and diminish them in our minds. This might be helpful in some circumstances but it turns people away from scrutinising the likes of Johnson or Truss.

Besides, with Truss the comedy is built into her surname with no modifications :slight_smile:

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Bring on the leeches…

Within their (specialised) sphere leeches are still used and effective

Whereas there is no sphere where Truss will be effective (except funnelling more money to her backers).

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I remember chasing a medical leech once that got away

Just as a point of interest, how many people posting in this thread are expats and how many still live in the UK?

It seems as if everything which is posted lately is just damning the UK no matter what, why the vitriol all the time?

And why not more on the problems which France is facing and indeed which are similar?

I don’t get this


Because we have a financial interest in the UK via our pensions and the interest rate.
Also, we have family in UK and they matter to us.
Not too difficult to understand really.


Then why move to another country if you are still so tied to the UK? It is difficult to understand as nobody moves country without a reason and part of the process is letting go of the old ties. Family, get that, but they can come to you and you to them for holidays and breaks. Most families in the UK seem to be in each other’s pockets every day or just once a year. If every day, then don’t move country, if once a year then it really won’t matter. I just seriously don’t get it when it comes to constantly and consistently bashing the UK. Is France so perfect? No it is not! And I’ve experienced it


Cue ‘Yakkety Sax’ :rofl:

well Mat, gorge yourself on this one :wink:

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A valid point. I agree “pet” names are dangerous and Johnson hid behind the palsy-walsy BoJo sobriquet while he plotted. However, I don’t think will be any “pet” names for the latest viper in Britains’s nest.

Even something like “Dizzy Lizzie” adjusts people’s perceptions.

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Why on earth are you so anti the UK?

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