We're Doomed

In this article, the most worrying words are:

Nothing is ever the leader’s fault in nationalism. It is always the fault of foreigners or traitors within.

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Dunt’s analysis seems very plausible.

Going back to Grieve - it is clear that he has put the Party in front of his own principles. He knows that to cross the benches would lose the Tory majority (assuming Brecon goes to the LibDems) and he hasn’t got it in him to do that.

Pity he can’t put country first. I thought he was made of better stuff tbh

Few are, it seems.

FWIW I think his mistake was the promise as he has done the right thing for the wrong reasons - a GE (which is what will result) could well be destabilising considering that what we have now is actually better than some of the possible outcomes such as a Corbyn government, a Farage government or (more likely) a Farage-Johnson coalition. So, one could argue that he was thinking of the country. Personally I suspect that he was thinking of his job and his party first and you can only get “the national interest” out of some tortured analysis.

Oh, isn’t it sweet that Trump thinks that calling Johnson “Britain’s Trump” is a compliment (talk about divorced from reality :crazy_face:).

He has put his part of the Party first.
There are still Tories left with principles and who will do their duty as Parliamentarians for the good of the country.

I think he has.

We’ll see.

I think he will try to capitalise on his perceived popularity and hold a GE asap. Then, assuming he’s still in power, to try and get Mays deal through. If he loses, likely to be a Corbyn government albeit with a minority - maybe backed up by the LD who will demand no brexit. All very entertaining. I think he’s likely to be in the job for even less time than May. On the other hand, he’s now what he always wanted to be and will about-face if that’s what’s necessary to keep his job.

Oh god…he has on gone and promised the “beginning of a new golden age”.

I really must chase up my notaire

Hearing the speech this morning, I was tempted to move back to UK - it sounds like it will be fantastic!

(for Boris the time for delivering on these years of promises has come - he is not very good at this bit)

but - can you trust him to deliver Mat?
How soon before his first broken promise??
Basically, he’s just full of wind and piss.

He desperately annoys me - he just spouts lies!

Well, parliament is in recess how until 5th Sept - so, about 6 weeks?


I thought Jeremy Corbyn at the Dispatch Box today looked across at Johnson, and spoke, with much more assurance than was his custom when opposing TM, when he often looked anxious, off-balance, gabbling through his questions and responses in a strained and unnatural voice.

Did anyone else notice this change?

come to mention it, perhaps yes Peter.
Perhaps he was too much of gentleman to lay it on with TM but no holes barred with go-go-a-bojo :rofl:

I did also - even announcing backing a 2nd referendum and that they would support remain.

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Well actually Paul, it was today!
In his address to Parliament in response to a question about the protection of rights for EU citizens in the UK into law, he later retracted and announced there would be no legislation to afford such protections.
Not bad eh! :angry: First day in power.

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I can’t find a single concise list of his campaign promises but wasn’t that a Leave campaign promise rather than a leadership campaign promise.

no, it was a ‘pledge’ given in Parliament today.
It’ll be in Hansard.

I always associate ‘pledge’ with spray-on gubbins used to get shot of grubby finger-marks :wink: