What do you think of your SF community? Should we make some changes?

(David Martin) #42


(anon54681821) #43

yes elite was a wrong word to use. its a hard earned badge and trust level that only 31 members currently have access to.

or in my case too much time on my hands :slight_smile:

(anon71231711) #44

How do you find out these statistics? I’ve never seen them!

(James Higginson) #45

Here :slight_smile:


(James Higginson) #46

Or via anyones profile page, mine for example

(Ann Coe) #47

Just my humble opinion but it would be nice to see photos on profiles rather than just a letter, (even if they are outdated) :wink:

What does anyone else think ?

(James Higginson) #48

Yes I agree, makes the conversation more personal I think

(Ann Coe) #49

Exactly James ! :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #50

I think people have voiced their opposition to photos on here previously. Of course if you are a two headed monster…

(anon54681821) #51

dosen’t bother me to be honest plus the less photos of my ugly the mug the better lol.

(Ann Coe) #52

If people think that they would be pursued through the streets by 'raving SF members 'who recognise their photo then maybe not put it. :confounded:
Personally I would love someone to recognise me, maybe even ask for my autograph :hugs:
I would like to see photos but of course if the two headed monsters prefer not then …

(Mat Davies) #53

I think the software UI that this forum sits upon is excellent.

(Chris Kite) #54

It’s easy to remove a second head with photoshop…

(James Higginson) #55

I’m very pleased with it, it is under continual development too. In my opinion it is currently the best forum software available.

(anon54681821) #56

(Mandy Davies) #57

I thought the forum was doing OK actually. There seems to be lots of activity and lots of new posters (and presumably members). I agree that there has also been an increase in conflict and negativity but I think that’s just the nature of social media. Personally, I try to avoid the conflict but there are some that seem to actively search for it. If these people want to argue/bicker with each other then that’s up to them.

I very much enjoy the forum with it’s mix of personalities, resident experts (as someone else has said), serious posts, humourous posts and the excellent advice dished out. The negatives are easy to focus on but they are far outweighed by the positives. In my opinion the forum should remain largely as it is.

As an aside though, I would also like to comment on the thread involving a stereotypical phrase that lead to Catherine’s intervention yesterday. Whatever your opinion on that thread and how it was initially handled by Stella, Catherine’s very public rebuke of her was unnecessary and should have been done privately. Stella appears to have been managing this forum for you for a very long time and is (perhaps was) it’s most active member. It would not be the same without her and she does not deserve to have been publicly embarrassed. I note she has not posted since and I sincerely hope she has not gone for good.

(Ann Coe) #58

Ha ha, liked the ending when she asked her partner if he was making YouTube gay or porn videos :slight_smile:
Well I’m not doing that (yet) but I will give an autograph and a photo f asked (after all I am already on file at the Special Branch) ! :rofl:

(Ann Coe) #59

I agree with all that you posted here Mandy. Wish I had your elequence :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #60

Thank you Ann. Very good of you to say that.

(Catharine Higginson) #61

I absolutely agree Mandy. I was wrong to publicly comment in a way that could have been seen as a rebuke to @smwsplr as this was not my intention! But I can see how that might have come across and as such, as well as having messaged her this morning, I am more than happy to publicly apologise.

However, whilst it isn’t an excuse, I was irritated to the point of no return by Stella having been forced into acting the role of school marm by certain posters who insist on stirring things up whatever the subject.