Where are you getting your fix since Brexit

I totally agree , Yogesh, Carrefour own brand Dijon Forte is excellent. Stronger and tastier than Colman’s, although I’m bound to be shot down in flames for saying that on here :crazy_face:


No flames from me - I agree entirely!

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Sausages are notoriously thin-skinned, so it’s to be expected that they will explode, or weep at the smallest prick in their delicate membranes. It pays to recall, however, the words of the uplifting chorus, “Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei”… :hugs:

And to be honest, “Das ist mir Wurst” (I couldn’t give a *#@%)

But sorry about the sauce dearth. :cry:


German sausages are the wurst


Groan! :smiley:

They can be brats too
Got memories of the currywurst in Berlin, I had tears down my face and had to drink copious amounts of lager,and mine were the mild version


Thought this was a misplaced post from one of the Doris threads :slightly_smiling_face:


Anybody found, got, tasted, ordered or had tasting reports of the new chilli Marmite…is it worth quarantining for 10 days in Boris land to get the experience i wonder !!

I am thinking of you lot rather too often for it to be healthy! When I was in U yesterday, I checked the Brit shelves and they had big bottles of HP Sauce (at just over 5 euros but if you are desperate…).
They also had Bisto - lots of it - but I didn’t think to check the price. Just thought I’d mention it as I’m sure someone was after Bisto :smiley: