Where are you getting your fix since Brexit

Don’t know if they stock Marmite but we have an order on its way from ‘Britishgram’ - free delivery if over £130 so worth getting together with friends to share a delivery - limited to 30kl

Actually I’ll embarrass myself here by mentioning I brought about 6 tins of Bird’s custard powder back on my last food run. Quite comforting with a lot of winter puddings and microwaves up a treat.

I’ve tried it on one Frenchman so far and he seemed to genuinely like it - I had thought they were brought up on proper made custard so would look down on this junk food

This is what ??

Here you are John,

Well crème anglaise isn’t at all like birds custard and we don’t eat it the same way either, it isn’t usually hot and you wouldn’t put it on things like hot puddings really - but that doesn’t mean we would dislike it.
They are two different things. I love delicious comforting hot semolina with a spoonful of raspberry jam in it bananas in custard etc because they were usual puddings at school when I was tiny (along with boiled baby dead man’s leg and Ganges mud) but don’t like (horrible) cold semoule with (revolting) raisins in it.
Birds custard is exotic and gourmet for us. We don’t need to know it is out of a packet.

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Britishgram.com British grocery suppliers to EEC an other countries - pay with Paypal or CC

No very sadly not anywhere (that I have found although a friend did spot TimTams once in Monoprix :heart_eyes: - I was too late!). Are you a fellow Aussie or just have the refined palate of loving Vegemite over Marmite??

I manage with jars from mum when she comes over (although now been 3 years :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:) and imports from the UK, friends had to rush back to Oz at the begining of lockdown 1 and I got left with thier newly arrived care package of at least 3 big jars! That was over a year ago and just finished the first so I shoudl be OK until hopefully mum can come.

kiwi hence the refined palate :slight_smile: . Can’t stand Marmite and don’t ever mention Bovril. Yes sadly it’s Tesco and Asda for me for Vegemite. I just cant get over such little jars.

Saw Tim Tams a few times in Monoprix in Paris. But IIRC they were well over 5 euros per pack So they were staying there. Many moons ago the old West London Air Terminal Sainsbury’s in South Kensington kept a good selection of Arnott’s biscuits - all the many TimTams and other Arnott things like those violet things - with a relatively small uplift in price.
But have not seen any in UK for a while now.

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There is a big shop/online somewhere in or near Barcelona that does a lot of British food lines. Prices reasonable IIRC. Cant remember the name but may be an easier source for receiving things than the UK these days

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Ahhh that explains your good taste then :rofl: :rofl:

Something or other Ingleses??? I only went once I think but worked quite near there for a month or so).

I am getting a bit worried now as we are running low on Yorkshire Tea.


I am hoping that my daughter is going to pop to Costco and ship some over.

Well it will be tea and crumpet chez Davies then

I did learn how to make these during the last lockdown!

same here :sleepy:

As @Griffin36 Colin has already pointed out, loads of sites on Amazon.fr provide it.

Have you used this service, do duties/taxes apply?

Ditto, I don’t drink tea, but OH only likes PG.

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