Why we must support Brexit


(Ronald Fox) #41

Really? I met more openly racist people in France in a few years than in a near lifetime in the UK. Quite a few are on to “les arabes” within a few minutes of starting a conversation. The French Presidential election was a choice between Emmanuel Macron and that well-known liberal multiculturalist, Marine Le Pen.

(Richard Perou) #42

Look up PUMA.

(Roger Hudson) #43

And the winner was…democracy not fascism.
Roger Hudson

(Richard Perou) #44

Did you ever go out doors while living in thd UK. By the standards of Western Europe the UK is practically empty.

Trotting out the tired old xenophobic stories 'The pressure on the NHS, the housing crisis, and the excessively congested roads and railways ’ ignores that the reasons for any perceived problems, which nobody challenged on them is able to give examples, is the failure of the UK to spend money on them.

Stop blaming ‘the immigrents’ and look at your own behaviour.

(Pam Thompson) #45

apart from the fact that you believed all the right wing media bollocks which suits your racism and xenophobia, I agree that the EU would be better off without the UK. England means ‘narrow land’ and I have a feeling that it applies to minds and not just geography.

(Pam Thompson) #46

“Sharia law is in force”??? Where is it in force??

(Pam Thompson) #47

Er…have you heard all the discussion lately about the Tories bringing in 'Henry the VIII powers? They won’t be held in check by anyone.

(Glenn Beavis) #48

I think you may have slightly misread Mark’s post Pam.

(Pam Thompson) #49

Mark, all my life I was told that I was useless. I was useless at being a woman, useless because I had sex before marriage and was therefore damaged goods. I wasn’t clever enough, ruthless enough, tough enough.The one thing I was good at, wasn’t worth money so it never counted nor was I encouraged. Had someone only said to me, "hey, you are good at that, why not make a career out of it? Earn a living by doing what you are good at?
When you get told that you aren’t any good at the things you are expected to be, you give up even trying to do anything new. What’s the point? You’ll just be no good at that either…

(Ronald Fox) #50

Thankfully it was, but you miss my point. The UK is a “home for xenophobes, racists and chancers”. Having a run-off between Macron - now there is a chancer - and MLP is like having Nigel Farage narrowly failing to become Prime Minister.

(Robert Hodge) #51

Actually, only Belgium and Holland are more densely populated than the UK’s 267 people per km/2. Certainly the population density in the UK is considerably higher than that found here in France which is only 104 persons per km/2.

By the way ---- Firstly, I wasn’t blaming anyone but was simply giving voice to a possible cause and effect scenario in relation to Roger’s post.
Secondly, surely the problems with the NHS, housing, and congested infrastructure are real and factual matters and therefore cannot be accurately classified as ‘xenophobic stories’ as you suggest.

(Helen Franklin) #52

I agree Mark I unfortunately bought my first Dyson 2 years ago. It will be my last. I don’t like supporting unscrupulous peole who are only in it for the profit. Did you know Mr. Dyson owns rather a lot of farm land in the UK (about 10,000ha). It will be interesting to see how he feels about free trade after brexit.

(Paul Flinders) #53

He says that he has an interest in farming although one can’t help but notice that he got a lot of subsidy along with the land.

I noticed a quote from him the other day though - he has gone on record as saying he does not think that we will reach a deal - but, apparently that’s OK by him. Quoting The Spectator:

But Dyson doesn’t think that matters. Falling back on World Trade Organisation rules would be ‘no big deal’, he says, because for him it would just lead to a 3 per cent tariff. ‘Frankly,’ he says, ‘lowering corporation tax a few percentage points would pay for that."

So, what he appears to be saying is that the rest of us can pay for any downside he experiences as a result of Brexit. Nice one.

This typifies one thing that I really did not like about the Leave campaign - there were a lot of people who would not personally be disadvantaged by Brexit because they had the buffer of significant wealth telling everyone else who’s day to day lives very well will be affected that we will all be “better off out”.

I remain to be convinced I’m afraid.

(Peter Juselius) #54

Listening to this TED talk make me wonder if UK’s free-trade-will-fiix-everything idea will turn out.

(Mark Rimmer) #55

This is from farminguk.com - “One in five of the 100 largest payments made under European Union farming subsidies will be given to families in the Sunday Times ‘Rich List’.
The findings have been published as new Defra secretary Michael Gove has reignited debate around the fate of farm subsidies post-Brexit by promising to reform the system after 2020.
Engineer Sir James Dyson’s farm business has become the largest private recipient of subsidies in the UK, receiving £1.6m last year.”

(Helen Rees) #56

So…you don’t like ‘political correctness’? Shall we just call that for what it is and you are upset that it isn’t still the 1970’s and you can’t openly insult women and ethnic minorities anymore with impunity. Have a word with yourself, will you?

(stella wood) #57


Now then Helen…bit of a sweeping statement from you isn’t it ??

I dislike political correctness… Nothing to do with wanting to insult anyone.

While PC may have been brought in with the best on intentions, originally… I feel the whole thing has gone way, way too far nowadays.

But that is just my opinion, which others may or may not agree with… :relaxed:

(Mark Rimmer) #58

Oh Helen, get real! Have I insulted any women or ethnic minorities?

(Helen Franklin) #60

Yes their system is slightly different from here in France for subsidies. I wonder what he does that is at all philanthropic. So I guess with the lack of funds after brexit it will be the farmers who get the cut not felt by the rich ones who voted out anyway but definitely felt by Jo Farmer in the field.

(Helen Rees) #61

He’s operating under WTO rules as he moved production to Malaysia. There’s a grim irony in that.