Your film or TV series recomendations (2021 TV binge)

I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the new Jeremy Clarkson’s programme about his farm on Prime is very entertaining. I haven’t heard OH laugh out loud so much at a TV programme in years.

It works because Jeremy is willing to make an absolute prat of himself. It is very informative - he’s going up this huge learning curve having started all this just before COVID and he’s found some highly competent people to help him including the just wonderful Kaleb.

If you can accept Jeremy’s style of presenting, plus heaps of swearing it is well worth watching.

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Amazon Prime enables you (with an extra fee) to access programmes on OCS. For example Mare Of Easttown and True Detective (both excellent).

In France?

We watched the first one just to try it and also loved it! He can be such a twat sometimes but some really lovely moments where he was genuinely upset having to deal with some of the tougher sides of farming! I enjoyed it so much we ended up binge watching it!

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Yes Sue Jarvis, Amazon Prime Video in France.

Thanks Jim, we have Amazon Prime in France, it was just that French Prime is not the same as UK and the selections are different.

Yes, there are differences but there’s still plenty of good stuff.

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Just checking Jim, one of our frustrations with Prime is that they are increasingly not providing English subtitles. Unfortunately as we age we need the subtitles in our own language in order to understand what’s being said. Are programmes like Mare of Easttown and True Detective provided in English with English subtitles?

Baptiste series 2. First series was good so hope the new one is too. Starts tonight,

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@ChrisK Watched the first episode of the final series of Baptiste and were not disappointed.

Following a recommendation earlier up topic, we watched The Night Manager series (all 6 episodes 2 x CD) and agree with the view expressed that it is really brilliant.
Gripping stuff.

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