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(Jennifer Pache) #83

I know for a fact, that after I have gone, my kids will never keep a thing. I have every single birthday card I have ever been sent by anyone. My sons says, I chuck them in the bin the next day. I was a hoarder of ALL their old stuff. Toys, books, drawings. old school books everything. Kept them for years. We made a great move to Switzerland from South Africa in 1999. We did not unpack the boxes for many years. When we finally did, they did not want to keep a single thing. It broke my heart. Saving all the stuff for so many years. I left South Africa in 1978 when I got married and went o live in Malawi for 2 years, then Switzerland for a year. When I went back home in the 80’s. my parents had bought a house, moved, AND got rid of all my old dolls, (but yet kept my sister’s big doll that had only one eye, left, I had the same one, only mine was blond, and her’s had black hair) and kept it forever after sitting on the pelmet of my sister’s room long after she had left home. My real tin tea set and pot and pan kitchen tin set. I got that when I was 5. I loved it. I also used to draw and paint For years. Forever actually. I had numerous paintings I had done. All gone to the trash. I could not believe it. I still have my son’s first real painting. He was 9. He copied a pair of parrots perfectly from the image. He is artistic as I am. He is a graphic designer now. Still, does not want his old drawings. I would love to have my old ones back. To be honest, my son cannot draw as well as could, not boasting, but it’s true - but has he graphic knowledge how to change it. What I don’t have. Hey, I’m 66, just paint and draw physically. And have never been in graphic school. PS: I am not jealous of my son. I’m proud of him. He has achieved so much- has had his own business since 2006.

(Jennifer Pache) #84

That is really sad. I’ve never had a fall out with my mom. She is 87 now, I’m nearly 66. Hated her sometimes in my early teens, as I was quite rebellious. But that all came to an end when I was 21. Started going out with them even. Then met my husband of today. We were all such good friends, and used to go out forever after together. I would say - my mom was my best friend ever.

(Helen Rees) #85
  1. I was taking the mickey out of myself using song lyrics. I’ll guess you are not familiar with them then
  2. Yes, zombies, really. I used to dress up as a zombie to raise money for a cancer charity at their events.

Just goes to show you should never assume before judging someone.

(Meghann Robbe) #86

I understand your pain. My mother died when i was 7. I was put in the foster system…my biological family have not spoke to me and havent shared any photos but one of my mother. Not sure what i did to be so shunned by the group but honestly, its their loss!

(Ann Coe) #87

What on earth can a 7 year old have done to be shunned ? Must have been horrible growing up and wondering that Meghann. Better off without a family like that, but it must have hurt.
Thank goodness that you have found love and have a great life with your hubby and children.

(Meghann Robbe) #88

I really would love an answer…but it’s ok. Just helped me become stronger and truly value my lil family(well not so little-my oldest is 6 feet 5 inches and now am blessed with 2 more kids- so a total of 6 children!!!)
I’m very thankful for all I went through cause I see life differently!