SFN Brains Trust

SFN Brains Trust

I think it's about time we gave a big Thank You, not just to Admin, but to the extremely knowledgeable and helpful SFN Members, who are experts in their own fields…and more.

I entitle this discussion SFN ( this will guarantee web dominance )

Brains ( because that is what these folk have...warehouse sized )

Trust ( because you can trust their opinions like a buddy )

I would like to start the ball rolling:

Nick Aurelius-Haddock ( Computer Guru and King dweeb )

Jorgen Poulsen ( who invented Social Marketing )

Sheila Walshe-Blackmore ( SFN Sage who knows her onions )

Andrew Hearne ( he know his business! )

Brian Milne ( he who knows all )

All of these people ( and many many more ) are, even when they are busy, happy to help advise and, in my opinion truly embrace the Ethos behind this the survivefrance network.

Please offer up your top Five Brains and tell us why?

Ah, got you. we know the area fairly well already seeing as the OH was born just up the road in Naucelle and BIL farms some of his FIL's land just up the road from Carmaux. used to live further north too between Baraqueville and Rieupeyroux but there we're getting right up onto the ségala! Didn't know about the brewery though, will have to look into that one...!

We live between Carmaux and Requista, right on the Tarn/Aveyron border. Carmaux does lack some kerb appeal, but we think it's a great place, the market in particular, and it does some good festivals. I think Blaye-les-Mines has it's own brewery too. Electricity is supplied by SERC whose head office is in Carmaux. Naucelle/Naucelle Gare is just up the road on the other side of the bridge.

Pass me me calculator!!!

how you doing Bri?

tee-hee, we could also third and fourth if we were in that frame of mind :) :)

yep almost neighbours by French standards, just a couple of hours away from Cahors...!

haha Terry, what's that expression 'why bark yourself...? My wife is Franglais...I'm the diplomat...but I have seen the recipients 'cower' on the receiving end of a tirade....Bodecian!!!

( thank the Lor' )


My wife in full cry makes a Rottweiler sound like a Chihuahua! :-)

...and knowing who you nearest and dearest is... along with my own should there not be a 'medals' category?

Gets worse - we all get older, no more to say on that ;)

Almost a neighbour - given I've been to Cahors shopping because its better than Bergerac. Couple of hours down the road :)

I don't know how many out there are following the lovely Frances Harrison thread but it shows what a helpful and supportive network this really is! Go SFN!

know what you're saying Ron ;-)

ha ha,

I also have trouble with 'Hey you guts!... the 'T' sitting next door to the 'Y'

Mind you this keyboard has never been the same since the 'Crème Anglaise' accident!!!

he he... I have a few FaceBook pages, so I'm constantly greeting new 'likers' with Salut Miriam, or whatever.. can I type that word correctly? nope!

oh but my early morning typos are getting worse and worse!!!

see what I mean!!!!

really needs to be one of the computer gurus but basically open the wifi dialogue box by clicking on the wifi signal meter bottom right, refresh the networks available and it should pick up yours, click on yours and ask it to connect, give the person your key number (sorry all my computers are french and I've never used an english computer for wifi so I haven't got a clue what the terminology is!), they enter it, confirm it then press connect and that should be all. At least that's what I did a couple of days ago when in new offices and it worked no problem ;-)

Hi Barbara, may I suggest that you ( join?) and float your question into the

Computer Corner

Group, if Nick is unavailable the rest of the guys know what they are talking about.