Street Music

During the pandemic I spent a lot of time looking at YouTube and came across a variety of street musicians. Piano Boogie Woogie, in particular.

Here are 2 boogie woogie videos of Henri Herbert, a maestro of the keyboard, in a UK railway station and a French railway station.

The 3rd is of Jörg Hegemann + Stefan Ulbricht in a German bar. Toe tapping entertainment.

So many other examples of really excellent street musicians on YouTube.


this is glorious stuff…
@graham can you link this through to "music to lighten the mood… " please

If that’s alright with @Bonzocat


there’s no category for that I can see @Stella

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That’s OK by me Sunbeam - wasn’t sure where to post it.

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ah… found a topic from some time ago…

Hi Bonzocat… it’s a long-standing musical thread, that’s all… it’s somewhere I (and anyone) can find a great collection of all sorts…

@Stella @Bonzocat I changed the Category of “Music to lighten the mood” to Culture as well (from Small Talk) and the two are now linked…

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The initiative to put pianos in public spaces was an inspired one! Years back I would crawl off the first Eurostar in London to get to work for the week, and every now and then there was a piano player up early and playing. It made my day.

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Here are my favourite street performers. I don’t think you could find them anywhere but France!

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love watching Dr K…

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Just enjoyed watching the Edinburgh Tattoo :clap:


I wouldn’t be surprised if pianists get repetitive strain injuries…

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That reminded me….a while back I watched the C4 series ‘The Piano’. Mika and Lang Lang, both of whom I think are great, selected street (station) piano players for a concert.

All were impressive but this little girl completely floored everyone.

And this is the concert at Royal Festival Hall

I think the full series is still available.


Down New Orlean’s way…

From New Orleans to Anglet, Biarritz, France….pity about the weather…