TEMPO tariff or not TEMPO tariff

we are resident in our house May-October and whilst their half of our electric consumption is our Pool a quarter Electric car, N0vember -April consumption is zero and on the blue tarriff we pay a 22 euro standing charge. So it looks to me that switching to TEMPO is a NO BRAINER,
Am I right? What is your experience?
we use 3500kw at a cost of 865 euros during the six months

After asking myself the same question I finally decided to take tempo after doing the maths. My advice is to take a look at your daily pattern of consumption on the EDF tracker and do the calculation based on your use case i.e. your kwhrs used during peak and off peak periods. As you don’t use elec during the Winter months you shouldn’t suffer from the high cost red days that seem to appear on the colder days when potential elec use may be high.

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I would recommend it. We have a gite and switched to Tempo this last winter. We normally only have guests in the summer, so all the red days pass us by. We do have air conditioners so the lower Tempo rate will help with the cost of the cooling.

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Morning Pete

We moved to Tempo about 6 months ago and are very pleased.

The only "drawback " is that you do have to plan ahead when Red days are about. Organise washing machine , dishwasher etc

There was a long thread about this last year with interesting contributions. I can’t find it now but worth a search IMO.

We tend to be abroad from mid December to mid February so I think I’ll plump for Tempo too. Even if I screw up on a couple of red days overall it’ll probably save money.

Isn’t Tempo just an option on top of the usual Tarrif Bleue?

That’s certainly how my contract reads. Tarrif Bleue with Tempo and Heures Cruzes as options.

We started Tempo in November, after the price
Shock of the first red day (stayed with our usual living pattern) we changed our habits. Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer and any high comsuption appliances running at night. Managed to reduce our consumption also by 10%. Together the changes and cheaper tarriff will compensate for the price rise in electricity.

Our bills have gone from 118e / month to 70-90e

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I changed a couple of months ago, bills down from around 70 a month to about 40, so no complaints. Just have to make sure I’m braced for those red days.

Here is the link to the earlier lengthy thread on Tempo fyi.

We changed to Tempo in November and are pleased we did so. You do have to be quite disciplined and organised - as others have said - to plan ahead on when to run energy greedy appliances…

Our annual bill will probably rise by 3% but that’s due to getting an EV, not Tempo.

You can set up EDF et Moi to give advance notifications of White and Red days.

If I recall correctly… there are days in mid-winter when some folk don’t use electricity because it would be too expensive…

does this sum up Tempo Tariff… ???

Not really.

In a nutshell there are only 22 x 16 hour periods when the price is higher (but, a LOT higher) than standard “base tarif”.

There are 300 days when the prices are very low.

All can be seen here…

Seems to be offered for anyone with the minimum voltage needed by Linky now ie from 6k not 9k

The minimum “puissance souscrite” has gone down to 6kVA.

However, the voltage (which is not a measure of power) remains the same for all tarifs. Yes, I’m a pedant.

Here you go:

300 days much cheaper than base.

43 days somewhat cheaper than base.

22 days of “******* how much?”

We don’t have a dishwasher or tumble dryer… and rarely use the electric oven… so we ditched the High/Low meter donkeys years ago, having done the maths…