Tax 2021 (2020 income)

Not long to go before it’s necessary to complete your tax returns for France.
Last year, things became a bit “bitty” as SFers insisted on starting new threads for every question they had so it would help if there was some discipline this year to avoid repetitions :grin:
To start off the thread, here’s a link to the 2021 official FR Gouv calcul de l’impôt sur les revenues site for you test out what your likely bill is going to be…
Just select whether the simified format or the full wax…

@james is it possible/desireable to make this a sticky until the tax cycle is done and dealt with?


Hi. New to the forum and to France so I apologise in advance for the naivety of the following questions. I’m fairly familiar with how U.K. tax system works, but didn’t want to presume the same (I know it won’t) will apply to France.
We only arrived here on the 16th December 2020. Do we fill in a tax return for the final 2 weeks of 2020 or do the French authorities need to know about income from the whole of 2020?
I know the French authorities need to know about global bank accounts held, but I don’t know if international fintech accounts should be put through U.K. tax or French tax after 17/12?
Any assistance on nothing tax related and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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When we first arrived… I insisted on doing a Declaration of Global Income… here in France, at the first opportunity… (even though it had nothing much on it…)

That document has helped establish just how long we have been here…

Strikes me that you are seeking the “CdS with agreement” which will offer you a slightly better deal than those who arrive after 31/12/20…

So, if you can (???) it might be an idea to submit your Declaration in 2021 (and, yes, Global Income 2020 is what counts)… but I really don’t know how this works these days.

Yonks ago… I managed to see a “real person” and that made things easy, once I’d c onvinced him that I really did want to do it and get into the system straight away…

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Should have said Hello and Welcome… sorry @Smithereen5


Hi Paul,
Welcome to the forum.

I don’t have the definitive rules but my experience is,
Arrived July 2019, took some holiday and started ‘full-time employed position’ 1st Oct 2019 as a French ‘PAYE’ employee of a French company.
Went to the tax office and explained the above.
They weren’t interested in anything pre-arrival, not interested in July-Sept 2019. Just declare the salary from 1 Oct 2019 and pay the bills.
That may not be the strict rules but in face-to-face that’s what they were happy to implement so that’s what we did.


wasn’t it wonderful when we could talk with real people… made things so much easier…

by Global… I mean “everything” for the period which applies, don’t pick and choose what you might wish to declare in UK… and then say… oh well, I’ve declared that to UK so I don’t need to declare in France… that is a black hole so many folk fall into… aaargh.

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Hi and welcome to the forum @Smithereen5
I believe you can certainly make an initial “incomplete year” return but is it still the case that your first return has to be on paper?
Have HMRC been advised of your permanent move to France?
As for Fintech accounts, the best advice is to declare them in France on form 3916. Better safe than sorry and it’s very easy to do.


When we arrived… we had to list what accounts we had currently open… and where… and what kind…
and they certainly asked what date said account had been opened (?) not easy to pin down when at least one was opened yonks ago…

subsequently we added or deleted from that list.

So… not sure they need to know every single detail since you were old enough to put your sixpence away each week… :rofl:

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That’s exactly my understanding too. In your shoes I think I would quietly forget accounts I had years ago - of course with advancing age, one’s menory is not what it was :rofl:

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Hi @Smithereen5 . My experience when I “arrived” in November 2016 was that the special advisor for Brits that they had at our local tax office told me to fill it in as from the date of arrival. I did and was most embarassed to receive an energy cheque a bit later because my income was clearly very low :smiley:
When I went back to the tax office a few months later to sort out a problem with tax fonciere the (different) advisor then told me I should have filled it in for the whole year, but by then of course it was too late and I decided to stick with the senior chap’s advice!

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Hi all. Thanks for the warm welcome and all the advice. I’ll go to the local tax office first, but it sounds like a paper return for first year. The declaration of global income and the list of accounts sounds interesting as I’m a serial abuser of financial products! Wish me luck.
I’ve told HMRC, though they didn’t seem bothered as I’m self-assessment and the bulk of my income originates in the U.K. All they said was that I was to use online accountancy software to submit tax (which I’m familiar with) and indicate when I’d left the U.K. Just as a point of interest (possibly stretching definitions there), HMRC have an app so I was able to add French address online. What fun! Thanks again everyone.