Why we use photos on Survive France


(Catharine Higginson) #1

I was going to write a post explaining why we use photos of ourselves on Survive France and then I thought it would be better to let our members speak for themselves! So, if you're new to the site and wonder why you've been asked to provide a photo of yourself rather than just any old avatar, please have a read through the various comments below and you should get a pretty good idea why the personal photos are such an intrinsic part of SF.

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Jack Shepherd. Is he guilty?
Jack Shepherd. Is he guilty?
(Norman Clark) #2

Andrew I am completely with you on this. I think I understand what Jonathan is saying, but forgive me for thinking this is a bit 'paranoid' - but which doesn't deny the possibility of what he is saying as being true.

I find I cannot accept being constrained in a little paranoid box and being totally fearful of anything and everything around me. Do I care if people know I make the odd visit to a porno site? Not in the least, at my age and situation it is real life at work. What else do I need to protect myself against? very little.

(Don Duca) #3

Although he vehemently denies it, the whistleblower released NSA files make Zukerberg a liar.


(Jane Williamson) #4

Jonathan, nothing rude was intended and I am pleased that you did not take it that way.
Previous IT experience in Germany notwithstanding, on Survive France we all abide by the rules, or we are told to mend our ways.
A photo makes our interactions more personal.

(Jane Williamson) #5

Jonathan, this is called the Survive FRANCE Network, so your previous experience in Germany is not really applicable.
Having a photo helps me to see what age group people are in and helps me to identify with them more easily.

(Norman Clark) #6

Bye -bye Jonathan, have a great and anonymous life.

(Norman Clark) #7

Sarah (and others) I also totally agree. If one has an opinion then one should be prepared to stand up and be identified with it, otherwise the offering is without worth or value.

Personally I would make it obligatory.

(Mark Rimmer) #8

I write more stuff for this site than I do on any other because we use our own name & photo. I know that some of my comments & views can be the complete opposite of other contributors & can provoke some robust replies! I may be spouting complete rubbish sometimes in some people's view but they are my views & I am happy to be associated with them. If I meet a fellow SFNer face to face I hope that , even if they do not like my opinion, they would respect my right to have them & still treat me nicely.

I enjoy a good discussion & apart from one incident have always felt that my "opponents" feel likewise.

Angloinfo, on the other hand, allow all sorts of inane rubbish but draw the line should someone express an opinion! I think their moderators are Chinese trained!

(Catharine Higginson) #9

I don't understand it either but people are far politer when using photos. Perhaps they feel more 'exposed'?

We get very few snarky comments on SFN but if we do, they invariably come from people who are 'hiding' behind the black box.

Anyway no, you don't HAVE to but I would ask you to reconsider as if everyone did the same , it would spoil it for everyone else. And I think there is a huge difference between 'personal' photos - which are, as you quite rightly say, personal and profile pictures which is what we are talking about here.

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Hi C - no not at all. New sign ups now get asked:

Survive France work with a leading money transfer specialist who provide our members with far better rates of exchange on international transfers than high street banks. Would you like information on getting the best exchange rates for transferring money in and out of France? If so please leave a telephone number and a representative will contact you.

If they say yes they can leave their phone no (or not as they prefer) and otherwise, they simply choose the 'NO' option?

I think it must have been the heat....!!

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(Bruce Brewer) #11

Feel free to copy my photo, blow it up big, and use it to keep the birds off your crops!

(Catherine Wales) #12

Good job I didn't apply as 'Lady' Catherine Wales ;) On another note I tried to get my hubby to join this forum as since he's away working in deepest darkest Papua New Guineau I thought it might be good for him (when there is an internet connection) but he tells me that he was obliged to provide his telephone number for your financial advisor to call him or he wouldn't be able to join. Is this true? (he is easily confused... it's the heat you know or maybe age!).

(Annie Jones) #13


(Catharine Higginson) #14

Well I will of course insist on a first name :)

(Tim Abady) #15

Yes please do although, unfortunately, he is not a member of the bilingual helpline, so he's on his own there. However, he speaks excellent French already. And don't forget he will be disguised as Mr C.Windsor.

(Lynn STONE) #16

Totally agree with you Sarah. I too, was hesitant about the photo and real name bit, but it makes SFN a more honest and open network.

(Kwashie Konu) #17

our xmas party is on the 20th; stand by for a new xmas party profile photo!

(Catharine Higginson) #18

Thank you Tim. You have just made me laugh out loud but I do promise that when Prince Charles gets bored with Tuscany and tries to sign up, I will think carefully before declining his request.

(Tim Abady) #19

Catharine, maybe, just maybe, you are sometimes toooooo selective. Kate actually phoned me on the bilingual helpline to see if I could help, thinking maybe you were French with a CaTHArine as a christian name and had not understood her request, which was in English of course. I told her I was just a newbie here so probably couldn't pull much weight or influence. but I would do my best ''after the event'. She explained your refusal had made her feel quite sick, in the mornings when she thought about it.

Shame eh?

(Chris Lawton) #20

Actually, I get on really well with Mbwa. [joke]