First time filling in Tax Declaration

Morning All,

For the first time we will need to fill in our tax declaration ourselves.

We have gone onto the online declaration form and find ourselves a bit confused. We would normally go to our tax office in Granville to seek advice but that is obviously not an option at the moment.

Our declaration is quite simple, we need to declare

My wife’s teachers pension
Income rental from our property in the UK
UK bank interest
FR bank interest

Can anybody advise where these need to be entered ( box no etc ), or where we could get advice.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Andy, I have seen lots of threads on here about filling in tax declarations. Here are just a few and there are others, you just need to search.
Good luck
Izzy x


The one you need to look at is Graham Lees’s reply on the last thread that Izzy M linked above. Post no 56 on that thread has a great table showing which income goes where. Have tried to copy them here but may not work

Graham Lees


Also posted in Latest Topics of Interest France thread.



Hi JJ and Izzy

Thanks for the links, wading through return now.

We are finding the on-line support is really good

Will let you know outcome in due course


My tax situation is similar to Andy’s.
I had no trouble last year in completing the declaration online.

This year I am not able to get the part of form 2042 which includes 2TR for interest on savings to appear at all.
I have clearly missed something earlier on in the process. Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh I think I found it. I did not tick the box about Revenue de valeur et capitaux etc.

See page 26 of 35 in the link given above #3/6 How to Declare you Tax Online…

If the savings are from a French account they will already be present, if they are from a U.K. or other foreign account that have to be declared on 2047 not 2042.

Thanks David but I cannot see where to put UK interest details on 2047.

This is online.

Thank you Graham

Hi David,
If I’ve receive a consultancy fee in the foreign bank account, which box do I enter in form 2047?

First time online for us too. Have managed to find boxes for our various little bits of income. (Whether they’re the right boxes I’m not sure at all!)
We’ve still got our house in the UK, wich is rented out, but in getting it ready to rent we had various expenses, and the rent didn’t start until towards the end of the year, meaning that we made a loss.
We know how to deal with this on our UK non-resident’s landlord forms, no problem, but has anyone any knowledge of whether it’s possible to report a loss on the French tax return, i.e entering a negative figure?
I think the relevant box is on form 2042 box 8TK, from what I have read.
Many thanks.

Hi David,

I was thinking to put the UK bank interests in line 252, but you advised to put it in line 260.
So I shall put the amount in line 260, right?